Bowers Group (UK) Ltd

Bowers Group supplies industry with an unrivalled choice of high quality Precision Measuring Equipment, Bespoke System Design and Laboratory-based UKAS Calibration Services.

Bowers Group offer an extensive range of products from leading brands including Bowers, Moore & Wright, Baty, INNOVATEST, Trimos, Sylvac, Wyler and ACCRETECH. Products ranges include, Bore Gauging, Optical Measuring, Materials Testing, Height Gauging, Levelling, Thread Measurement and Surface, Form and Geometry.

  1. Air Gauging

    Air Gauging
    The Bowers PC-2200 is a state of the art flexible electronic/air column capable of operating with air gauging products and measuring probes. The advanced new column contains a multitude of measuring functions including static and dynamic gauging, classification grading, probe mixing, (A+B), (A-B), etc. Features * Metric/Imperial digital display * 3 colour LED graphic display * 1, 2 or 4 probe input options * Probe mixing (A+B), (A+B+C) etc. * Air/Electronic converter 1 or 2 inputs * Static or Dynamic mode (Max, Min, TIR) * Tolerance and Approach limit settings * Accuracy 0.5% full scale +/- resolution * Resolution 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0µm * RS-232, PLC or Logic controller output * Dual supply voltage (220/100 volt)
  2. Automotive - Engineering

    Automotive - Engineering
    Automotive - Engineering supplied by Bowers Group (UK) Ltd
  3. Bench Testers

    Bench Testers
    The sturdy design of the NEXUS 8000XL Series allows rough workshop conditions. The tester can be used for measuring hardness according to global standards in most of the common hardness scales:Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop. But it is also capable of ball and indentation hardness testing for thermoplastics and the Vickers depth (HVT) and Brinell depth (HBT) procedures. The NEXUS 8000XL Universal hardness testers applies all common test forces between 1kgf - 250kgf (8001XL), 3kgf - 750kgf (8002XL), 10kgf - 3000kgf (8003XL). All procedures meet or exceed DIN, ISO, ASTM and JIS standards.
  4. Bore Gauging

    Bore Gauging
    Precision measuring solutions supplied by the world's leading bore gauge manufacturer
  5. Bore Gauging Instruments

    Bore Gauging Instruments
    Bore Gauging Instruments supplied by Bowers Group (UK) Ltd
  6. Bowers Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge

    Bowers Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge
    Designed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the high modulus carbon fibre beam is stiff, lightweight and has an extremely low co-efficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Suitable for measuring high accuracy diameters and lengths up to 4000mm+. Features * Extremely lightweight even at 4m span * Extremely low co-efficient of thermal expansion * Measuring capacity of standard set: External: 0 > 1930mm Internal: 150 > 2150mm * Modular design of beam allows infinate level of adjustment within the above ranges * Additional 1000mm extensions add quickly and cost effectively to the gauge capacity * Internal and external measurement: 0 > 105 (150)mm measurement depth from component face * 12mm anvil travel * Digital or mechanical readout * Tooling included for presetting gauge on Trimos horizontal machines * Bluetooth option available Sets include: * Pair gauge legs * Fixed leg tube * Moving leg tube * 250mm Carbon Fibre Extension Tube * 500mm Carbon Fibre Extension Tube * 1000mm Carbon Fibre Extension Tube * Tooling to suit Trimos setting machine and storage/travel case
  7. Calibration

    The Trimos Labconcept represents the latest developments in the field of multifunction calibration machines. Capable of calibrating an extremely wide range of measuring instruments with incredible speed and accuracy the instrument is now the calibration machine of choice for some of the biggest UKAS and factory laboratories throughout the UK and beyond. The wide range of quick-change ingenious accessories and holders facilitates the accurate calibration of an exceedingly wide range of measuring instruments. Utilising the user-friendly QM software, the instrument can rapidly send its findings to a gauge-management module or generate calibration certificates instantly. Features * Large measuring range 0-14" (0-370mm) and 0-79" (0-2050mm) * Developed for EN ISO 9000/2000 standards * Switchable resolution; 0.0001", 0.00001", 0.000001", or 0.001mm, 0.0001mm, 0.00001mm * Wide range of easily interchangeable accessories * Adjustable measuring force 0-12N * Displacement speed of measuring carriage: Labconcept 1500mm/s, Labconcept Premium 400mm/s * Fine adjustment range = 0.394"/10mm * Operational temperature limit 10º-40ºC * Operational humidity limit 20-80%
  8. Calibration - Instruments

    Calibration - Instruments
    Calibration - Instruments supplied by Bowers Group (UK) Ltd
  9. Calibration Service

    Calibration Service
    Calibration Service supplied by Bowers Group (UK) Ltd
  10. Calibration Service - Instrument

    Calibration Service - Instrument
    Calibration Service - Instrument supplied by Bowers Group (UK) Ltd