Bowers Semiconductors Ltd.


Bowers Semiconductors

Bowers Semiconductors are specialist suppliers of all makes of semiconductors. They also supply a range of other products:

  • Fuses
  • Fusegears
  • Thyristors
  • ICs
  • Power modules
  • Temperature controllers

Founded in 1983, and based in Manchester, United Kingdom, Bowers Semiconductors offer a quick turn-round, efficient and flexible service, combined with competitive prices.
Solution-oriented, Bowers Semiconductors can provide equivalent components to ease those sourcing challenges - and with their numerous good contacts worldwide, locate those obsolete items you are desperately trying to find.
Bowers Semiconductors also manufacture and supply high-current assemblies, using diodes and thyristors and can provide customised solutions to the design of power conversions, for example, for current ratings up to 10,000 amps
Bowers Semiconductors supply temperature controllers for furnaces and other heating applications using burst firing techniques.
Bowers Semiconductors enjoys BS ISO 9002 accreditations and CE approvals. 
Bowers Semiconductors design and build thyristor/diode assemblies to customer specifications for the following application

  • DC Motor Drives
  • Battery Chargers
  • Chlorination Plants
  • Electro-Coating
  • Traction Power Supplies
  • Water Cooled Assemblies
    As you know, semiconductors is a fast moving world, thousands of components are deprecIated each year. Our speciality is being able to help you find the component you need or an equivalent if the exact piece you were looking for is no longer manufactured.
    Our small and friendly team is committed to customer service. Our list of customers provides testimony to our commitment - we are approved suppliers to the Ministry of Defence, Jaguar and Rockwell to name just a few.
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