Bowman International Ltd


We were founded in 1972, and manufacturing began in 1984. Not only do we manufacture our own products, we also hold agencies of other manufacturer’s product range.
We are a top supplier to manufacturers, distributors and stockists across a wide array of industries – this includes worldwide exportation.

Oilite Bearings

Oilite is a renowned market leader in self-lubricated bearings, and have been for nearly 80 years, setting the bar for other products with its reliability and high quality.
Because of this, we ensure we stock a huge range of European sizes in both metric and inch. For this stock range, there are now 5 traditional ranges; ISO Metric, Inch, DIN 1850, French Metric and Scandinavian Metric.
There are 3 material choices to choose from: Standard (tin bronze), Super (iron copper) and Iron (100% iron).
If you require any technical advice, our engineers are on hand to discuss projects in detail.

Heavy Duty Bowmet Bearings

Renowned as the largest advance in plain bearings in over 70 years, heavy duty Bowmet bearings offer much higher load capacity than other plain bearings and has extended its life by its speed, heat and corrosion abilities. Naturally, this saves any hassle with warranty claims, downtime and maintenance issues.

This bearing has been used across all industries; from racing engines to heavy duty plant machinery to even marine and aircraft sectors.

Our method of producing this bearing gives almost zero wastage, and is therefore much more cost effective than alternatives.

Wrapped PTFE Lined Bearings

At Bowman’s, we have a vast range of stock of lined bearings. These include;

  • Metric and Imperial Plain
  • Metric flanged
  • Metric and Imperial Washers
  • Metric and Imperial Strip

These have many sought-after features; low wear, good sliding characteristics (suitable for rotary and oscillating movement), low coefficient of friction which make it suitable for dry running. There is also little absorption of water and swelling, and they are largely chemical resistant.

This product range was developed for an array of uses, including automotive suspension struts, shock absorbers, hydraulic cylinders and gears pumps and motors.

Wrapped Acetal Lined Bearings

Much like our PTFE bearings, we have a large stock range of Acetal bearings, including;

  • Metric and Imperial Plain
  • Metric flanged
  • Metric and Imperial Washers
  • Metric and Imperial Strip

This type of bearing is perfect for machines where lubricant isn’t continuously applied. They’re suitable for many industries, from automotive to machine tool building to even agricultural equipment and machinery.

These bearings are ideal for both rotary and oscillating movement, with little maintenance needs due to extended re-lubrication intervals, lower wear and susceptibility. Also, there’s no water absorption nor swelling, and a brilliant resistance to shock loads.

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