BPC Energy Ltd

BPC Energy manufacture and distribute a wide range of UPS and related power protection products aimed at the Computer Networking, Telecom, Midrange Computer, Emergency Lighting and Three Phase sectors of the market.

BPC is at the forefront of modern power protection technology providing  uninterruptible power supplies with the expertise in the design, development and manufacture of special and custom battery systems enabling us to meet the diverse needs of the computing, leisure, industrial, commercial, emergency services, medical, lighting and military & government markets. As well as an extensive range UPS and Batteries we also offer a variety of additional products such as Emergency Lighting, Transfer Switches, Voltage Regulation, Service & Maintenance, Solar Inverters and Generators.If required, BPC can also provide bespoke solutions based on tender specifications to meet specific customer requirements.

BPC Batteries

The BPC PowerStor battery range has a wide choice of technologies and capacity ratings for both standard and extended design lives suitable for engine starting, cyclic and float applications.

The PS (standard) Series utilises the latest advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) and gas recombination technology. PowerStor valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) batteries ensure maintenance free, reliable performance and outstanding service life with 5 years expectation in float standby applications.

For mission critical applications requiring longer in-service life, the PowerStor PSL range is available with an enhanced grid and seperator design. As a result of the largely increased battery life, up to 10 years in optimum float conditions, it is possible that electrical equipment can be supported throughout their own full service life without it being necessary to change the battery.

BPC also offer the PowerStor PSLIFR range for ultimate reliability, quality, technology and safety. Each cell has a flame retardant case and lid as standard and meet BS6290 Part 4 specifications.

BPC manufacture Nickel Cadmium Batteries in basic ranges to match specific operating conditions and provide different performance characteristics.

BPC Batteries

Battery Monitoring - BACS

Monitoring, individual charging / discharging and alarm system for batteries.

The PowerStor Battery Analysis and Care System (BACS) prevents unnoticed or unexpected battery failures, extending the battery lifespan and preserving the reliability of the complete system. 

The Analysis and care system is the most advanced product on the market providing an Ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system. Using web-management technology it checks the internal resistance, the temperature and the voltage of every single battery cell. Through an equalisation process it corrects the charging voltage for each battery block as well as constant monitoring and controlling. In addition, it can manage environmental measurements such as temperature, humidity etc, as well as the UPS or Inverter system.

Battery Monitoring - BACS

Remote Monitoring - Virtual Service

Virtual Service continuously communicates with any BPC UPS / Static Inverter to provide a 24/7 monitoring solution anywhere in the world. All communication transfers to the UK based BPC control centre where the data is analysed by experienced qualified BPC engineers. If an anomaly or fault should occur the BPC Controller will analyse and determine what action should be taken. The controller will mobilise an engineer or make contact the local based BPC service partner and provide all necessary details to report direct to the customer.

Virtual Service provides the highest customer security by ensuring one way communication with the site. 

Remote Monitoring - Virtual Service

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