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  1. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    BPC provide intelligent Automatic Transfer Switches that can be powered from two UPS Systems, different mains supplies or a combination of both.

    Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) ensure highest availability of the power supply to sensitive and critical applications. The installation of an ATS ensures 2N architecture is achieved and allows loads with single feeds to always be supplied by the highest quality power. 

    The use of transfer switches and 2N architecture increases the maintainability of the switch panels and upstream equipment.

  2. Battery Analysis & Care System

    Battery Analysis & Care System

    Avoid unnoticed or unexpected battery failures, extended the battery lifespan and preserving the reliability of the complete system. In critical standby applications the battery can be a large integral part of the system and can also be an unpredictable element of the design. The fact that battery condition can be invisible and not be determined from its appearance makes early diagnosis hard especially if problems have been experienced in transit, storage, installation, poor site conditions or mis-use causing failure of just one cell which can lead to open-circuit a complete battery. The battery analysis and care system (BACS) is the most advanced product on the market providing an Ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system. Using web-management technology it checks the internal resistance, the temperature and the voltage of every single battery cell. Through an equalisation process it corrects the charging voltage for each battery block as well as constant monitoring and controlling. In addition, it can manage environmental measurements such as temperature, humidity etc, as well as the UPS or Inverter system.

  3. Central Battery Systems

    Central Battery Systems

    All BPC Central Battery Units (CBU) are bespoke designs with a range of standard features and benefits providing a robust solution to meet specific customer requirements, supplied in wall mounted and free standing cabinets with options for high ingress protection.

    The BPC range of standard Central Battery Unit Systems provide a choice of output voltages (24, 50 & 110 volts) and are available in Maintained or Non-Maintained versions with the option of 1 or 3 hour autonomy. The units are supplied in a robust steel sheet free standing cabinet finished in a durable beige textured finish.

  4. DC Equipment

    DC Equipment

    BPC offers a wide range of standard and customised Industrial Systems which can be based purely on DC modular rectifier technology or with a combination of Inverters to provide an effective hybrid power supply system. All systems are scalable, redundant and can be configured according to the customers requirements. These modern and compact systems have an envirable reputation for consistant reliability, ease of installation and maintenance making them idea for Industrial applications requiring the most critical power protection to backup especially when using BPC own brand of battery based PowerStar products.
  5. External Maintenance Bypass Switches

    External Maintenance Bypass Switches

    BPC provides a comprehensive range of standard cost effective external wall mounted maintenance bypass switches which are suitable for our complete range of UPS and DC systems. The use of external wall mounted maintenance bypass switches offers the opportunity to commission, repair or remove the equipment without any interuption to the critical load.

    Both make-before-break and break-before-make bypass switch designs are available. The range of bypass switches are built to the highest standards using proven components and are available in both single and three phase with variations for dual input supplies or parallel redundant configuration. Bypass switches can be customised and tailored to suit specific requirements including the integration of output distribution boards, castell interlock systems or auxillary contacts within the same enclosure.

  6. Hot Swappable Modular Battery Solutions

    Hot Swappable Modular Battery Solutions

    The BPC Rack Independent Battery System is a hot swappable battery containment solution that incorporates the SAFEGUARD battery monitoring system.

    Designed to work with the PowerTower Modular solutions 4 the BRI System provides the complete modular package. The system can be installed into any 19” rack that is 1000mm deep and suitable for the weight of the battery.

  7. PowerMaster Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

    PowerMaster Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

    Designed to give you voltage regulation with all the flexibility and adatability you need. These modern and compact units have an enviable reputation for consistent reliability, ease of installation and maintenance making them ideal for sophisticated applications. The PowerMaster AVR protects your load from all fluctuations from the mains voltage and provides voltage regulation. It disconnects the voltage outputs electro-mechanically when an increase or decrease occurs out of limits and prevents all the possible problems by electronic protection. The AVR Series has three phase input and output ratings ranging from 2kVA up to 500kVA. Single Phase and Three Phase models available. The booster transformers and sensitive variac do all the voltage regulation. This is part of a Servo Controlled system which is based on the management of a DC motor by thyristor.
  8. PowerPrem+ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    PowerPrem+ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    The PowerPrem+ range of Line Interactive UPS is a cost effective solution ideal for Network Server protection and inductive load applications such as lifts, roller shutter doors and motor loads.

    Each model has multiple communication options available including RS232 / USB and SNMP slot. 1kVA - 3kVA long runtime models are available to provide extended backup times with larger internal charger options and matching battery cabinets, providing an enhanced and flexible product range to offer complete protection. 

  9. PowerPro EF300 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    PowerPro EF300 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    The PowerPro Eco-Friendly Uninterruptible Power Supply is a combination of BPC's advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) control technology and a firm pursuit of a green manufacturing philosophy.

    With minimum space, fewer components and controlled levels of noise pollution, the PowerPro EF 300 Series has a significantly reduced environmental impact. Therefore, it is feasible to design a UPS with reduced carbon footprint whilst achieving clean, continuous power for industrial and computing loads.

    Up to 8 PowerPro EF300 units can be connected in parallel, providing a total power capacity of 5.2mVA. The system can also be configured to provide N+1 redundancy offering the highest reliability. This flexibility allows you to install a system that can grow with your business power requirements.

  10. PowerPro EL100XA Static Inverter Series

    PowerPro EL100XA Static Inverter Series

    The PowerPro EL100XA Series is a range of Static Inverters manufactured with the state of the art PWM and IGBT technology producing microprocessor controlled pure sinewave output for critical emergency lighting loads.

    EL100XA models are designed to provide single phase input and output as required by the latest European EN 50171 specification for Emergency Lighting. The significant advantage of using PowerPro EL Static Inverters for Emergency Lighting is the ability to supply tightly regulated and controlled sinewave power to a wide range of normal functional or decorative mains luminaires as emergency fittings.

    As an expansion to the standard 100 series, the XA range allows for an internal self contained battery system capable of providing the standard Emergency Lighting 3 hour autonomies. With the advantage of wall mounted and stand alone options the XA range completes the EL series with a fully encapsulated product for those lower rated requirements.