BR Defence (Rubber Manufacturers)


Rubber Straps

BR Defence are manufacturers of a wide range of both Standard and non-standard rubber straps and rubber battery retainer straps with loop hook ends. The Standard Rubber Straps are manufactured in Neoprene Rubber and Natural rubber and we have the following sizes:

• 300 mm Rubber Strap (12 inch)
• 270 mm Rubber Strap (10 inch)
• 230 mm Rubber Strap (9 inch)
• 200 mm Rubber Strap (8 inch)
• 150 mm Rubber Strap (6 inch)

The same range of straps are also manufactured but with triangle strap hooks. Please see website for full details.

BR-Defence are able to manufacture straps from nearly all rubber materials to meet your application requirements.

For Example:

Silicone Straps

Viton / FKM Straps

Neoprene Straps

Nitrile straps.

Rubber Moulders

BR Defence have shown excellence in supplying custom rubber products to all industries but particularly the aerospace and defence sectors.  

We do not limit ourselves to manufacturing but can also be involved in the design, prototyping, production, and final assembly of your rubber component or sub-assembly.

Rubber Moulders

Rubber Mouldings

Rubber Mouldings

All of our rubber mouldings are manufactured to our customer's exact requirements, whether you require a compression or an injection moulding.  Examples of our work are moulded bellows, moulded body assemblies, moulded rubber seals, moulded grommets and moulded rubber housings.

Rubber Mouldings

Gasket Manufacturers


BR Defence are able to supply custom gaskets in a wide range of spec materials, as well as all stocked rubbers, sponges, foams, paper, card, corks and leathers.

We are able to manufacture gaskets using rubber Moulding, laser-cut, water-cut, stamped or fabricated methods of manufacture.  We can also back gaskets with self-adhesive backing using a range of glues including 3M transfer films. 

Gasket Manufacturers

Rubber to Metal Bonding


Whether you require a simple steel to natural rubber bonding or a more complex non-conductive HNBR to copper bonding, BR Defence has the experience, scope and technology to provide you with the high quality product you require.

We use laboratory tested agents and ultrasonic technology in our rubber to metal bonding to give your product the best possible bond from one-offs to mass production

Rubber to Metal Bonding
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