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Our Company has been making chains, lifting gear, forgings, fabrications and associated equipment since 1890.

Water, Agriculture and General Engineering are some of the industries we currently supply.  Our marine products are used extensively in dock and harbour installations, in the production of new leisure craft and in permanent moorings throughout UK waters. In addition to our chain making we have an ‘oddwork’ department with comprehensive plant for fabricating, forging and machining in carbon steels and stainless steels. We specialise in bespoke assemblies and small batch work.  We are recognised experts in the manufacture of equipment for a wide variety of applications including lifting, lashing, suspension, haulage and fendering. We are proud of our reputation for high quality products and efficient service, and we maintain the most stringent quality control over all stages of production.

Chain Makers

Since our inception in 1890 our core product has always been round steel link chain. Chain on its own is of limited use, however, most applications demanding chains to be assembled with fittings, or to be supplied with complementary equipment. For example, moorings for commercial and leisure marine and aquaculture need anchors, shackles and swivels. Lifting equipment requires hooks, master links and adjusting screws. Lashing applications utilise load binders or similar tensioning devices. The range of standard components used with chain is enormous, but in spite of this there remains a significant demand for special products made to customers’ specific requirements.

Our range today not only covers the various types and strengths of chains but also fittings and accessories for almost any application.
Chain Makers

Round Steel Link Chain

Short, mid and long link types in various strength grades: -

Grade 30
Mild steel chains for general purpose use. The most popular grade for mooring and anchoring.

Grade 40
The lowest grade recommended for lifting applications. A good choice for more demanding duties such as lashing and load binding.   Grade 80
For arduous applications where a combination of high strength and light weight are required. Widely used in lifting tackle and in the commercial fishing industry.   Stainless Steel
Popular in the food and water treatment industries, in corrosive environments, and for windlass chains.   Stud link chain cable
Used throughout the world shipping industry and with a standard range of compatible fittings.   Calibrated chain – Galvanised and Stainless Steel
Carbon and stainless steel chains may be calibrated. Calibrating ensures a more consistent link length throughout a chain. Many of our chains are calibrated to our pre-determined pitches as part of the normal manufacturing process. Please note that this does not imply that they will fit a pocketed wheel. Wheel manufacturers often adopt different pitches. Do not assume that different chains and wheels are compatible.   You can download data sheets and ex works price lists for some of our more popular items. They can be accessed through the menu on the right hand side of this page.
Round Steel Link Chain

Sling Chain


Chain and wire rope slings in carbon and stainless steels: -

  • Single and multiple leg with various end fittings
  • Collar, endless and basket slings
  • Wheelbarrow slings
  • Barrel (drum) slings

Pump lifting chains and wire ropes: -
Carbon steel, galvanised
Stainless steel
Bespoke moorings
Fender chains
Flail chains
Safety chains
Security chains
Swing chains
Towing chains

Sling Chain

Chain Importers

Associated Products

  • Anchors and sinkers
  • Chain clutches
  • Eyebolts and eyenuts
  • Hooks
  • Loadbinders
  • Master links
  • Mechanical connecting links
  • Rigging screws
  • Rings
  • Shackles
  • Straining screws
  • Swivels
  • Thimbles
Chain Importers

Special Chain Products

Our facilities enable us to combine a variety of diverse processes to cost effectively produce non-standard items in any quantity. Traditional blacksmith’s skills are supplemented by modern resistance heaters, furnaces, hydraulic benders and presses. We use a range of conventional and resistance welding techniques. Machining, heat treatment, tensile testing and some finishing processes are all done on site.

The items we produce are available in various strength grades to suit the individual customer’s precise needs. Typical products (amongst those that have names!) are: -
  • Beam slings
  • Chain ladders
  • Couplings
  • Fabrications
  • Hand and machine forgings
  • Mooring rings and ringbolts
  • Omegas and staples
Special Chain Products


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