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By using the cartons again for their original use is the ideal recycling operation. Even at the end of a carton's very useful life, they can be still be taken to waste paper collection points and pulped. They can then be reborn and converted back into paper.

If you have masses of cartons, we will pay scrap price and turn your waste into cash. Or you can purchase used cartons in small quantities and we will deliver them tomorrow and help you save money and the environment.

Once Used Cardboard Cartons

We provide cartons and  exceptionally environmentally friendly packaging products. The core ethos of our business is to supply once used cardboard cartons.

Our once used cardboard cartons are much better for the environment. It is better to reuse a cardboard carton than it is to just recycle it. Once used cardboard cartons can be recycled once they have been reused.

Recycled Cartons

The benefits of using recycled cartons include:

  • Cheaper than new.
  • Can buy in small quantity which saves space and eases cash flow.
  • Available for next day delivery
  • Helps to save resources and therefore the environment.
  • Can still be recycled after re-using.

By using the recycled cartons we dramatically improve the environment.

New Cardboard Cartons

We supply new cardboard cartons, both S/B and D/B. They are suitable for a variety of applications and are available for immediate dispatch.

We also offer new cardboard cartons made to your specific requirements and measurements. They can be produced printed or plain and stitched or glued.

Corrugated Paper Rolls

We also provide corrugated paper rolls and single cut faces to specific sizes.

Our corrugated paper rolls are 2.8 metres in height and can come up to 350 metres in length.

Polypropylene Strapping

Our polypropylene strapping and packaging tape also comes in vinyl and acrylic and can be either clear or buff.

Our polypropylene strapping is reinforced with crossweave tape to handle really tough jobs. We also supply masking tape and print tape to your requirement with company designs and logo incorporated onto the tape.

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging also forms a major part of our stock and includes a variety of protective packaging solutions including foam and plastic bubble products.

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