Brainstorm Advertising Ltd


As a fresh, new-look advertising agency and drawing from an ever-expanding pool of highly gifted marketing strategists, writers, artists, designers and event producers, Brainstorm is in the unique position to offer fully personalized solutions that suit your budget and guarantee tangible results.

Full Service Advertising Agency

What do you need?

  • A short, low budget print campaign?
  • A short, low budget online campaign with social media, email promotions and search engine optimization?
  • A medium budget campaign with a mix of media like:
  • Leaflets and brochures,
  • Magazine advertisements and
  • Online advertisements?
  • A national budget of mixed media including radio and TV?
  • An international budget of mixed media including radio, TV and events?

Whatever budget you have, we have followed an interesting growth from a single designer to a full service advertising agency. This steady path from design to communications has allowed us to develop hands-on experience at all stages of a project for our clients.

Graphic Design

The mysterious art of stirring the emotions with colours and curves has fascinated mankind since the dawn of time.

From cave paintings to Cosmo covers, a line in the right place and a curve at the right angle stops time for the briefest of moments and, while in that magical place, communicates something of meaning to the beholder. Every Brainstorm designed corporate identity, logo, brochure, newsletter, sign or form of visual communication starts from that point with your goals in mind.

Graphic Designers

What do you need?

  • Brand Creation; logo design and branding elements and guidelines?
  • Simple websites (electronic leaflets)?
  • Complex websites with CMS (content management systems where you can update the content of the website yourself)?
  • Complex e-commerce websites (we can build almost anything for you, the Internet is that powerful)?
  • Print design for leaflets, brochures and catalogues?
  • Packaging?

Brainstorm crystallizes your objectives into an authentic work of strategic art that conveys a message to your audience in a way that attracts attention, appeals to the imagination and gets your point across.


Event Management

Brainstorm is ready to transform your next event into a memorable affair that will have your guests singing your praises long after the doors have closed or the last lights have been switched off.

What do you need?

Brainstorms full circle approach, unrivalled technical expertise, and in-house design capabilities makes us your single point of contact for spectacular events crafted around your budget and unique objectives.

We transform everyday events into truly unforgettable experiences creating a unique concept that communicates your objectives. The one thing that is non negotiable is the creativity we will bring to the “party”.

Call us to present a conceptual solution for your next event, we will impress you.

Advertising and Graphic Design Agency

  • We deliver creativity - which is relevant with the development of your product and market.
  • We add value to your brand.
  • We understand that your brand is your most valuable asset.
  • We know that our income is your investment and that you want a return on your investment.

Marketing is all about strategies and policies for your product. It is about your product’s price, distribution, promotion and customer care. It is about branding. Taking it one step further, the promotional campaign is made up of personal selling, sales promotions, publicity, public relations and advertising.

The hydraulics for our creative machinery comes from your need to get your product or company marketed. And if we are not creating, we are not living!

Can we help?