Braithwaite Rebuild


The company Braithwaite rebuild was established in 1993 when Bridgepot ceased the manufacture of machine tools in Bridlington.  Bridgeport started production of the Bridgeport ( under license from Bridgeport America by Adcock and Shipley) in 1962 . A total of 50,000 machines were produced at the Bridlington factory.

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Rebuild Spec

The geometry of the major castings and all alignments are checked using guages and standards equipment used in the manufacture  of the Bridgeport Turret Mill.

  • Regrind ways and vee`s on the column, knee and saddle
  • Regrind table vee`s, repair table top and regrind
  • Hard chrome the knee top
  • Fit new lead screws and nuts
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Rebuild Spec

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