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Brake Caliper Painting Service.

The Brake Caliper Specialists are at the cutting edge of VHT Brake Caliper Paint technology, our paints can withstand up to 400°C for metallics, 650°C in yellow caliper paint and 950 in all other solid colour VHT paints. Most performance cars won't get close to the lower 400°C threshold.

The finish we can deliver is also of a high cosmetic standard, high gloss lustre with minimal orange peel. We use a wash etch primer before painting, this can withstand almost 1,000°C alone so can be used in conjunction with our VHT paints.

We are also the first in the world to develop a paint to achieve immitation Chrome Brake Calipers and Heat Reactive Colour Changing Brake Caliper Paint.

Drive your car to us for a next day hand over or courier your calipers to us with our suggested courier for little more than £10.

We give a 12 month warranty as standard.

Brake Caliper Servicing

Brake Caliper Servicing

We can service all OEM brake calipers and many other performance calipers so long as the parts are still available from your caliper manufacturer or reputable aftermarket seal manufacturers.

Send your calipers to us for remanufacturing, servicing or repair, you can also upgrade to our High Temperature Brake Calipers Painting Service at a discounted rate in conjunction with a service or repair.

Prices are dependant on your make and model of car.

Brake Caliper Servicing

Standard Caliper Painting Prices

We are the only Brake Caliper Painting Specialist in the country and pride ourselves on our high standards and excellent quality of service. We have moulded our business around offering asthetic brake caliper solutions to customers who have the highest expectations. We deliver our service to Marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati and many more, who we regularly continue to do business with.




Standard Brake Calipers - Standard cars including family size cars without performance engines or uprated brakes.

Front Pair of Brake Calipers £130

Set of 4 Brake Calipers £200

Large, Sports & Performance Brake Calipers.

Front Pair of Brake Calipers £160

Set of 4 Brake Calipers £250

For further details, please see

Standard Caliper Painting Prices

Our Brake Caliper Paint

Probably the best brake caliper paint in the world.

  • Heat resistant up to 950 degrees celcius.
  • Protect against corrosion.
  • Cover up corrosion you haven't been able to remove, without it coming back.
  • Produces a high gloss shine.
  • Beads off water, even brake dust will wash off with just water.

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Brake Caliper Paint

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Our Brake Caliper Paint
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