Brantho Korrux, a division of Independent Protective Coatings Services deliver high tech solutions to all your paint and specialist coating requirements. From Anti Graffito to Fire Resistant paint, we have the experience and knowledge to source the most appropriate protective coatings for you.


A fast, simple, effective, single-pack coating system which frequently out-performs even the best quality two-pack epoxy systems.

Almost all surfaces can be over painted with Brantho-Korrux ‘3 in 1’, including many plastics, uPVC, powder coatings, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, mild steel, galvanised steel, most previous coatings, fibreglass, cast iron, masonry, timber, Plastisol cladding,even ceramics subject to all types of exposures, from immersion, elevated temperature and chemicals to abrasion.

Seldom does a single coating provide such a wide-ranging opportunity for beautification and protection on so many Surfaces


Brantho Korrux 3 in 1

Brantho-Korrux "3 in 1" is a one-component semi-gloss coating, with excellent adhesion and elasticity. Low solvents content, active rust-inhibitive pigments, excellent hiding power, both suitable as a primer or a finish. Excellent resistance properties, German approval for food contact, can be applied on practically all sorts of substrate, good filling properties, good edge covering and fast drying.

A Primer , Under Coat and Top Coat in 1 Coating

At last, a fast, simple, effective, single-pack coating system which frequently out-performs even the best quality two-pack epoxy systems.

Brantho Korrux 3 in 1

Flat and Gloss Finishes

Flat finish version of Brantho-Korrux ‘3 in 1’. ‘Nitrofest’ is a heavy duty, very fast drying coating that can be applied to or over coated by nitro-cellulose coatings.  A two coat system is weather, seawater and oil resistant. Application by brush, roller or spray.

Touch dry after 10 minutes, stackable after 8 hours.  If force dried for 20 minutes at 60° C, dry to handle after 30 minutes and stackable after 1 hour.

Lead and chromate free.  Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons such as xylene or toluene.

Flat and Gloss Finishes

Optional Primers

Although Brantho-Korrux ‘3 in 1’ acts as a primer, for very rough surfaces such as badly corroded mild steel, cast iron etc or very smooth surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel, new galvanised steel etc, the following primers are recommended for use as the first coat.

Brantho-Korrux ‘Rust Primer’

Lead free rust primer recommended for use on very rough surfaces.  This high build coating penetrates any rust, provides a high film build over the ‘peaks’ of rough surfaces which reduces the possibility of premature ‘needle rusting’. Free from aromatic hydrocarbons.

Brush application recommended . Excellent adhesion on manually prepared surfaces, wet and dry blasted surfaces.  Flash rust acceptable.

Brantho-Korrux ‘Adhesion Primer’

Recommended to provide maximum adhesion to very smooth surfaces such as galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc especially in harsh industrial and marine environments.

Environmentally friendly, free from heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Application by brush, roller or spray.

Optional Primers
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