Brazier Metal Spinning Ltd


Based in the heart of the Midlands in our Central Birmingham site we have been manufacturing for a varierty of Industries and sectors for many decades.

We offer a complete metal spinning and finishing service, which includes from pressing the components to specialist finishes as required by the customer.

We are always ready to explore ways in which we can add value to our clients business, whether it is applying a finishing touch, or a machined process.

We have the capacity to press up to 80 tonnes in in house metal pressing workshop.

We deliver our services to broad range of Industries some of which include Lighting, Agricultural, Motor, Ventilation, Kitchenware, Homewares to name a few.

Let us know your requirements, we can be easily contacted by phone or e-mail and start to discover the difference we can deliver for your business.


Our Spinning Capacities and Capabilities. From the smallest up to 2400mm Diameter. Material Thicknesses. Some of the Trades and Products served and created. Aluminium up to 8mm. Copper up to 6mm. Mild Steel up to 6mm. Precious Metals up to 3mm. Brass up to 4mm. Stainless Steel 4mm.


The Press Shop was set up initially to cater for our own requirements when preparing blanks for spinning, and then the press work needed for some of the finished spinning. This however, developed further by customer’s request, providing a pressing service for components and brackets etc., in a variety of metals. We operate with many presses up to a maximum of 80 tonnes, this service lends itself ideally to work on smaller components. As with our spinning work, this value added service is provided to a wide range of client’s products, some of which can be found on the spinning page.

In-house tooling manufacture

In addition to our Spinning and pressing we can also offer these additional services: In-house tooling manufacture. With extensive experience in hand turning and manual turning, our ability to manufacture tooling is unparalleled.  Our capabilities extend to press work, milling and polishing, which allows us to produce your spinning's from start to finish. We can spin the following metals; Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Silver, Steel, Stainless Steel. Packaging. An all important part of the process, to ensure that items arrive in good condition. Where components need to be individually wrapped or poly-bagged and multi-packed into cartons. Considerable emphasis is placed upon the packaging procedures.

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