Breathing Equipment Hire

Recognised as experts in the field, BEH manufacture, hire and sell breathing air systems, cascade systems, toxic refuge air supply systems, airtrailers, airtrolleys and breathing air control panels.

Hire, sales, maintenance, service, instruction of self contained breathing apparatus, airline B/A, escape sets, hoses, gas detectors, confined spece rescue equipment, resuscitators, facemask fit testing equipment, mask face fit testing services, Portacount hire, high pressure breathing air compressors, on site air quality testing.

Cylinder testing,diving cylinder re-testing, composite cylinder refurbishment, oxygen clean cylinders, valve servicing, Visual Plus crack testing, ASSET, IDEST, & Department of Transport (DoT) approved.
 The BEH "shutdown service" incorporating equipment supply, instruction, equipment control, and cleaning is used by many petrochemical companies  undertaking major plant maintenance and reconstruction.

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