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Here at Brevini, we are distributors of an extensive collection of gearboxes suitable for use in a variety of industries including construction, agriculture, transportation, marine, food, and mining.

We supply an impressive range of flange mounted and atex gearboxes suitable for industrial equipment and mobile applications. Our flange mounted and atex gearboxes are designed around a flexible modular system and are supported by an assortment of accessories. Our flange mounted and atex gearboxes are available in male and female output shaft configurations.

Shaft Mounted

We stock shaft mounted gearboxes suitable for applications requiring proper alignment between the gearbox and shaft. We provide in-line and right angle shaft mounted gearboxes. These are flexible and easy mount to a frame. They are used across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Foot Mounted

Our foot mounted gearbox has built-in mounting feet for high levels of stiff and rigid operating. Our foot mounted gearbox is suitable for industrial use and is available with an assortment of accessories including hydraulic and electric motor adaptors.

High Torque "S Series"

The high torque "S series" gearbox is ideal for use on fixed and self-propelled industrial machinery. Our high torque "S series" gearbox features many output versions and numerous input possibilities, providing a 40-60% improvement on the space and weight of traditional units. These are often used for grinders, mills and conveyor belts in food production, quarries and mines.

Wheel Drives

We supply high quality wheel drives for use on self-propelled vehicles with individually motorised drives and hydraulic transmissions. Our compact wheel drives are available in a variety of ratios and have a manual release facility. Our wheel drives are designed to be used on agricultural machines, access platforms, fork lift trucks, sweepers, and low speed wheeled vehicles.


Track Drives

Our innovative track drives are designed for use on excavators, earth moving machines and other tracked vehicles. Our strong track drives have a very high axial load and radial capability making them ideal for heavy duty applications.

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