Brewer Metalcraft Ltd


Brewer Metalcraft is renowned for specialising in the production of cowls and other related chimney products. Our Experience exceeds 50 years in the manufacture of all types of 

  • Cowls & other Terminals
  • Lobster Back Cowls,
  • Chimney Cowls including - Static, Revolving and Wind Directional
  • Solid Fuel Anti down-draught Cowls
  • Gas Anti down-draught Cowls
  • Aerodyne Cowls
  • Bird-guards
  • Cappers
  • Bespoke Cowls & Terminals

Brewer's willingness to listen to their customers' requirements has helped them develop a cowl range which is second to none. All cowl products have been tested or manufactured to the relevant British and European Standards and in many cases exceed the standard requirements. All cowl products are supported by a comprehensive free technical service to help customers obtain the correct product to resolve their chimney problem.

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