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We are a worldwide supplier of labelling systems and software. Since our establishment in 1971, our product range has grown significantly and caters for many markets including electronics, safety and datacoms.

Our labelling systems and software includes laser and inkjet labels and the range also includes:

  • Avery laser white paper labels
  • Spicers inkjet 5* white paper labels
  • Laser polyester film wraparound

Heatshrink Service

We offer an unrivaled and professional heatshrink service. Suitable for many applications, our heatshrink service is available in varying specifications.

Categories include:

  • 2:1 ratio on roll
  • 2:1 ratio in mini boxes
  • 3:1 ratio dual wall (adhesive lined)
Heatshrink Service

Spiral Tubing

As part of our extensive services and product list, we supply many differing options in spiral tubing. We supply flexible spiral tubing of varying sizes, colours and other specifications. Our spiral tubing applies to cable, conductors, tubes and wire bundles.

The range includes:

  • SP10 grey spiral tubing
  • SP10 green spiral tubing
  • SP20 grey spiral tubing
  • SP20 green spiral tubing
  • SP40 green spiral tubing
Spiral Tubing

Labelling Solutions

Our labelling solutions and services are extensive and include a multitude of versatile products, systems and software. Our labelling solutions include tape options such as insulation, masking and kapton polyimide.

Further categories we have for labelling solutions include:

  • Cable ties
  • Terminals
  • Engraving and labelling
  • Safety identification
  • Ferrules
  • Connectors
Labelling Solutions

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