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You have access to a range of quality contemporary pool tables and traditional pool tables.  We have carefully selected the best pool tables on the market to suit all tastes and budgets so you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

Whether you are a modern man looking for a traditional pool table or a high flying trendy man that likes to be at the forefront of style and sophistication you will find something to suit your needs.

We also have a selection of pool dining tables, these tables can be used as a dining table and convert easily into pool tables.  These are great for those with limited space or if the Mrs says "errr no" to a pool table.

She gets a modern and highly fashionable dining table, and you get a pool table.....everyone's a winner!

Replica Guns

If you are looking for replica guns we have lock, stock and barrel for all replica gun collectors.  We have a range of quality non firing replicas from fancy flintlock pistols to the traditional Henry rifle.

These look great on display in the home or office and can also be used on the stage.

Shoot over to our site today and take a look at the replica militaria we have to offer.  If your aim is to find good quality replica guns and swords at reasonable prices our replica militaria page is the perfect target.

Replica Guns

Office Chairs

For many of us an office desk and an office chair is a big part of our life.

We have selected a range of chairs that will look great behind an office desk, these chairs are ideal for those that do not spend much time in the office so style rather than comfort is a priority.

We have also selected a range of chairs for those that spend most of their time at their desk. These chairs successfully combine style with optimum comfort.  These chairs have many adjustable features to ensure you are sitting comfortably while you work. For health reasons it is important that you are sat comfortably at your desk.

"A bottom without a Briggs and Jones chair is just a bottom suspended in mid air"!


Office Chairs

Masculine Furniture

We have selected the best masculine furniture from around the globe and put it in one place.  No more trawling from site to site looking through hundreds of items just to find a coffee table.

Whether you are looking for a masculine coffee table or masculine bedroom furniture you will find it all at Briggs and Jones.

The only names a man needs to know!

Masculine Furniture

Unique Gifts

"I don't know what I'm going to get the Mrs this year"

"I don't know what I'm going to buy my mum this year"

"I can't find anything she will like, so I'll just buy her a bunch of flowers or something it's the thought that counts"

"I've had enough of looking for something, this will do, jobs a good un!"

How many times have you said that?

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for her we have a great selection of gifts. Whether you are looking for sexy lingerie for the Mrs, a handbag for mum or contemporary gift ideas we have a solution for you.

The best bit is you can ring or chat online to one of our friendly ladies, they will ask you a few questions and suggest a few gift ideas for you.  Why get a sweat on looking for gifts if you don't have to!



Unique Gifts
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