Brindley Chains Ltd


We can manufacture and supply a range of stainless steel chain and a variety of fittings that are the highest quality on the market. They are to Quality Approved ISO 9001.

We have a great deal of experience in the supply of stainless steel chain and all our products have full traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

Our stainless steel chain is made from stainless steel in grade 50 and offers you high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Pewag Pump Lifting Chains

We are able to manufacture and supply Pewag pump lifting chains used by most of the water authorities in the UK as well as by pump manufacturers.

Pewag pump lifting chains are well known in the industry and have an exclusive specification. Please see our website for more details or contact us for further information.

Load Lashing Chains

Load lashing chains are mainly used in the transportation of goods in a variety of modes including road, sea and air. Load lashing chains prevent movement from outside forces due to accelerating, cornering and braking.

Our load lashing chains are specifically designed to cope with certain conditions and requirements and our lashing chains are made to the highest quality possible.

Snowchains for Cars

We have a wide selection of snowchains for cars available and they are specifically designed for a variety of uses.

We have economy snowchains for cars through to our new, high-quality snowchains with automatic tensioning systems.


We can supply an innovative product called the AutoSock. The AutoSock is designed as a get home option for certain cars that cannot have snow chains or have limited clearance.

Our AutoSock solution is easy to fit and weighs less than 1kg. They are easy to store, re-usable, work with most car makes, and have an excellent service life provided they are used in accordance with your car manufacturer instructions.

AutoSock for Trucks

We can also supply our AutoSock for trucks. The same quality AutoSock solution is available for your truck.

Our AutoSock for trucks solution are available to use with coaches and buses as well as trucks.

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