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Our primary objective is to make things WORK BETTER. BETTER EFFICIENCY, LONGEVITY, DURABILITY, QUALITY. Our heat transfer solutions are also designed to be COST EFFECTIVE, usually in the short term, certainly in the long term. Our staff are here to offer their assistance and expertise in the design and manufacture of shell & tube and finned air blast heat exchangers and associated technologies for a wide variety of market sectors. With an emphasis on producing innovative solutions on short lead times, our organisation now exports to clients in over 50 countries around the world.

Heat Echangers Overview

With well over 25 years of dedicated service to the heat transfer industry, Applied Cooling Technology is a natural choice for the design and manufacture of both air-blast and shell & tube heat exchangers for a wide variety of industries such as Marine, Power Generation, Offshore, Compressor etc.

The company also undertakes the re-design and re-manufacture of heat exchangers with an emphasis on developing bespoke components or product variations to overcome specific problems.

A speciality of Applied Cooling Technology is the design and manufacture of Titanium heat exchangers and coolers. In addition to copper-alloy, steel and stainless ateel exchangers, we offer Titanium shell & tube bundles, Titanium finned heat exchangers and Titanium u-tube bundles etc.

Based on past client requirements, we have successfully developed special types of extended surface tubes, unique tube-support methods and many other innovative 'longevity' solutions.

Finished heat exchangers are rigorously inspected and pressure tested. Common methods for pressure testing include hydrostatic (using either mains or demineralised water) and pneumatic (using compressed air or other gasses such as nitrogen). Individual tubes can also be pressure or non-destructively tested prior to use.

The Industries We Serve.....

  • Marine
  • Power
  • Rail
  • Offshore
  • Compressor
  • Industrial
  • Architecture
  • Aerospace
  • Military
The Industries We Serve.....


With nearly 30 years of experience in the REPAIR, DESIGN and MANUFACTURE of HEAT EXCHANGERS for a wide variety of industries, Applied Cooling Technology has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that sets it apart from other manufacturers.

Revenues are continuously reinvested in research and development to create solutions to problems encountered in the heat transfer market. The result of which is a large number of Patented technologies that are completely unique and represent step improvements in heat exchanger applications and methods of production.

Solutions Overview

Be it the choice of MATERIALS, GRADES, SHAPES and SIZES to suit the purpose which the ElfinMaster finning machine can assemble into an ElfinBlock, incorporating where necessary tube supports or the longevity Dri-seal products and systems such as the Jiffy Plug, Façade Tubeplate or the Tube Inserts, all of which have been developed to tackle specific issues and reduce lifetime costs.

It is often not only the cost of replacement of a prematurely failed heat exchanger but the disruption to production, process, or associated operation that the heat exchanger forms part of that the true cost of down time impacts on. Applied Cooling Technology is mindful of this and whether it is a DESIGN and BUILD, REMANUFACTURE, REPAIR or REFURBISHMENT project you can be assured that the most cost effective solution will be put forward.

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