We are providing more and more wood pellets for business use as they are choosing us for their space heating and hot water requirements. Wood pellets offer cost savings and benefits to the environment.

Wood pellets for business use have commercial and industrial applications. The kinds of customer using our wood pellets for business use include leisure centres, local authorities, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets and industrial process heating.

Using our wood pellets helps your business to reduce its carbon footprint and, ultimately, climate change.

Wood Pellets for the Home

Wood pellets for the home are becoming increasingly more and more popular as people realise the cost savings and the environmental benefits that using wood pellets can bring. Wood pellets for the home are sourced from raw products from local woods and sustainable forests. Wood pellet stoves and boilers are fed automatically and the heat is regulated the same way as normal central heating.

Wood pellets for the home offer you a clean and easily handled. The wood pellets burn evenly, efficiently and with a constant heat. You can order your wood pellets online and delivered directly to your door.

Wood Pellets for the Home

Brites Wood Pellets

Brites wood pellets stem from Balcas, who have over 50 years of experience in the timber trade. Balcas branched out into the renewable energy sector with the manufacture of wood pellets.

This new form of fuel, known as Brites wood pellets, was branded for the UK and Irish markets. Balcas installed two CHP and pellet manufacturing plants making them the largest wood pellet manufacturer in the British Isles.

Brites wood pellets are made from pure sawdust and all the wood used is sourced from sustainable forests and approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

Brites Wood Pellets

Grants and Assistance

There are many grants and assistance programs available covering the UK and Northern Ireland.

The following grants and assistance programs are outlined below:

  • UK and NI - Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme
  • UK Domestic - The Renewable Heat Premium Payment and Home Renewables Loan Scheme
  • UK Business - Wood Energy Business Scheme and Rural Development Program
  • Scotland Business - CARES Loan Fund, Energy Saving Scotland, Shetland Isles Community Energy Efficiency Programme and the Community Sustainable Energy Programme
  • NI Business - Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme
  • DARD Rural Development Programme

If you would like to know more about grants and assistance programmes, please visit our website.

Grants and Assistance

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