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Autogard products are used across a wide range of applications in a variety of industries like Power Generation, Mineral Production, Printing, Packaging, Extrusion and Conveying. We design and manufacture mechanical overload protection devices (torque limiters) and flexible couplings for use in industrial power transmissions.

We have over 100 years combined experience of torque limiter and coupling engineering in our design department. We invest significant resources into innovation, research and development. We have a sizeable engineering team based at our manufacturing plant in the UK.

Autoflex Metal Membrane Couplings

The Autoflex Metal Membrane Coupling is designed to provide a highly reliable connection for rotating equipment.

Features of our couplings include:

  • Requires no lubrication and so it’s maintenance free
  • When correctly installed the coupling is designed for infinite life
  • Torques up to 200,000 Nm
  • Bore sizes up to 370 mm
  • Meets API 610
Autoflex Metal Membrane Couplings

Samiflex Elastomeric Couplings

Samiflex Elastomeric couplings are user/maintenance friendly. This coupling insert is removable without the need to move either driving or driven equipment, making insert change faster than any other coupling.

Features on the Samiflex include:

  • Large bore to torque capacity
  • Torques up to 200,000 Nm
  • Bore sizes up to 300 mm
Samiflex Elastomeric Couplings

Series 200 and 300 Torque Limiters

Series 200

  • Very accurate set torque and repeatability
  • Wide adjustment range with true rolling disengagement
  • Torques to 8500Nm, Bore sizes to 102mm

Series 320

  • Compact, backlash free and automatic reset after overload
  • Free running, manual reset version available
  • Plated & stainless steel versions for wash down duties
  • Torques to 1500Nm, Bore sizes up to 65mm
Series 200 and 300 Torque Limiters

Series 400 Torque Limiters

Unique freewheeling mechanism for high speed disengagement, with automatic reverse to reset feature.

Features include:

  • Bi-directional operation, at high or low speeds.
  • Typically used in motor speed applications or where remote reset is required
  • Torques up to 56,000 Nm
  • Bore sizes up to 178 mm
Series 400 Torque Limiters

Series 600 Air Operated Torque Limiters

We supply a pneumatically controlled, combined torque limiter and disengaging clutch which is adjustable in-motion.
A higher "starting" torque can be transmitted to accelerate the machine, dropping to a lower "running" torque once up to speed.

Features include:

  • Used widely in the printing/paper finishing industry, and automatic assembly and packaging machinery.
  • Torques up to 20,000 Nm
  • Bore sizes up to 150 mm
Series 600 Air Operated Torque Limiters

Series 820 Modular Torque Limiters

Our Series 820 Modular Torque Limiters are designed to meet the needs of heavy industry for high torque, high and low speed torque limitation.

  • Modular design for enhanced flexibility
  • Supplied in a range of coupling and drive media options
  • Instant and complete disengagement of the driving and driven inertias ensuring optimum protection
  • Easy to reset
  • Limitless Torque Capacity
Series 820 Modular Torque Limiters

Monitorq Torque Monitoring Systems

Monitorq provides a measurement of torque from any location in a drive train.The patented Monitorq ring is fitted to standard couplings, sprockets,pulleys and gears. Proven Strain Gauge Technology is used with a short range telemetry system to measure and transmit "real time" torque data.

Monitorq Systems enhance equipment performance by providing a variety of functions from simple overload protection to production or process control and condition monitoring, as used in modern preventative maintenance systems.

Monitorq Torque Monitoring Systems

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