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What provides your company with its biggest return on investment – thinking up product ideas? Developing and selling them? Or operating a manufacturing plant?

By outsourcing your electronic product manufacture to Briton EMS, you can concentrate on your core, profitable activities without putting time, money and resources into what we do very well – making electronic products. It’s one of the reasons why Briton EMS value is good for your ROI.

And by looking at the big picture at the start of a project, we use our design for manufacturing expertise to simplify processes, improve the quality of your product and reduce its cost.

We also normally buy all the components – not only does this help your cash flow, but you benefit from our bulk buying, with savings being passed on to you. It’s another reason why Briton EMS value is good for your ROI.

And with over 30 years’ experience of manufacturing electronic products, we cover a broad range of major technologies.

These include analytical devices, controls, data communications, instrumentation and sensors for the agricultural, broadcast, medical, industrial, security and transport sectors – manufactured in our UK and Far East factories.

Contract electronic manufacturing

We are a high-quality contract electronic manufacturing company.

Whether you’re an international supplier of electronic goods, an established OEM or a start-up company with a bright idea, we offer a complete design and manufacturing service.

We specialise in low and medium volumes – typically manufacturing analytical devices, instruments, sensors, controllers and data communication products.

Our contract electronic manufacturing service includes mechanical and electro-mechanical full-build / box build and PCB and SMT assembly – supported by in-house engineering, materials procurement, testing and international shipping.

And we have over three decades' experience in supplying contract electronic manufacturing expertise to the broadcast, industrial, medical, security, agricultural and transport markets.

Our skills cover control systems, telecoms and RF technology.  We're based in Bedford, England, with manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia and America.

Contract electronic manufacturing

PCB and SMT assembly

PCB surface mount and through hole assemblies are part of our advanced production facilities, for we are able to manufacture complete PCB assemblies - and the entire product - in low and medium volumes.

Our multiple PCB and SMT assembly lines - recently renewed - can be configured to meet your requirements.

Each line includes automatic optical and visual inspection within the PCB and SMT assembly process to ensure 100% success rate – whatever the design, specification and volume your project calls for. Other key points include:

• Component sizes from 01005 to 55 mm square.

• Ball grid array (BGA), micro-BGA and all other industry standard package sizes.

• Assembly of simple to very complex boards.

• Fast change over, fully automated SMT assembly lines.

• The latest flexible, high inventory placement machines.

• Full convection re-flow ovens.

PCB and SMT assembly

Chassis wiring

With more than thirty years' contract electronics manufacturing experience, we've developed and refined our chassis wiring and complete product build services.

It makes good use of our equipment for crimping, cutting and automatic soldering and our expertise in a range of chassis wiring techniques, including back panel wiring, semi-rigid and flexi-rigid wiring, RF and microwave interconnections.

Other key skills include cable forming (for high voltage and high current applications), mechanical assembly, front panel build and product functional testing.

Our engineers can also help you with advice on enclosure design and packaging – to take into account 'end of life' issues and environmental concerns from circuit boards to packaging design.  

Chassis wiring

Full product assembly

The value of using Briton EMS is our 30 years' plus expertise in full product assembly – we can deliver boxed products that are ready to sell or install without the need for further testing.

Our full product assembly processes combine the best production techniques tailored to individual product requirements. Our capabilities will match your requirements – and if we need to invest in new people and equipment to achieve that, we do.

From your drawings, we can manufacture complex electronic products in low or medium quantities. These can be sub-assemblies or complete products to box build stage, including PCB assembly, test and despatch to anywhere in the world.

Full product assembly

Production engineering

We can help with your mechanical design and manufacturing requirements for your new product introduction (NPI) work.

At Briton EMS, our production engineering capability is central to achieving our prime aims of quality, flexibility and delivery on time.

And to ensure you get the best out of working with us, our production engineering team – as with colleagues in production and test – is geared to being flexible to individual customers' requirements.

Before we begin a project, our engineers will assess all the relevant documentation and drawings in detail, creating whatever drawings are missing in order to generate a production job pack.

And our design for manufacturing (DfM) procedure – usually offered free of charge – will optimise your product for efficient assembly. This makes everybody's life easier – and almost always results in a lower price.

Production engineering

Electronic component procurement

In addition to a considerable amount of electronic component procurement, we also buy a lot of metal and plastic enclosures, CNC machined parts and other fabricated items.

And through our network of national and international suppliers, we can find new sources of procuring electronic components quickly in the event of a supply chain failure – it is part of the added value of using Briton EMS.

We also look after obsolescence – when notified of a component going obsolete, our purchasing team check its usage and advise a suggested replacement so that together we can take the appropriate action to modify your product.

Naturally, we have systems in place for materials management, engineering change and delivery and order logistics, including KANBAN / just in time scheduled deliveries. 

Electronic component procurement

EMS Provider

Briton EMS offers a one stop shop for all your EMS needs.

We operate Globally  and are an established OEM

EMS Provider

Contract Electronics

Whether you’re an international supplier of electronic goods, an established OEM or a start-up company with a bright idea, we offer complete turnkey electronics manufacturing services.

Contract Electronics

EMS Assembly

From your drawings, we can manufacture complex electronic products in low or medium quantities, including small modules, hand-held devices and large systems.

EMS Assembly
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