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Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd is a long established design-led, electronic component distributor and manufacturer’s representative.

BT2000 are a technically focused supplier of leading edge, world class solutions used to enhance our customer's product specifications.

We work with leading manufacturers to bring the latest technology to the UK customer base.

Our product ranges divides into four main areas:


SENSORS                                 POWER                                   WIRELESS & M2M                          SEMICONDUCTORS


PCTEL are the global leader in propagation and optimization solutions for the wireless industry. PCTEL design and develop software-based radios for wireless network optimization & develops and distributes innovative antenna solutions. PCTEL specialise in high performance antennas that include GPS, GLONASS, Tetra and more, all with a 5 year warranty. NEW! 4G LTE Range & Cables.


InvenSense are the pioneer and a global market leader in intelligent motion processing solutions that enable a motion-based user interface for consumer electronics. InvenSense specialise One, Two, Three Axis Gyroscopes, Six Axis(Gyro & Acceleration Sensor Combined) and Nine Axis(Gyro, Acceleration sensor and Compass) Motion Sensor ICs. They also specialize in Digital & Analogue MEMS Microphones 


Memsic are unique because they develop breakthrough MEMS sensors components and system integration technologies. Memsic specialises in Dual & Tri- axis Accelerometer & AMR Magnetometer (Compass) ICs, at sizes of 2mm x 2mm. NEW! Gas Flow & Differential Sensors. 


Maestro focus on designing and delivering state-of-the-art wireless products and services for the M2M market. Maestro Wireless solutions now offers an extensive range of 20 different modems especially developed for targeted vertical applications. Maestro specialise in Ultra low power, High Sensitivity GPS modules SiRF IV with Anti Jamming & Extended ephemeris feature, Sirf V, M2M Platforms, GSM/GPRS & 3G + LTE Modems & Routers. NEW! MT-40 Series.

Signal Quest

SignalQuest design and manufacture electronic sensors that measure tilt angle, acceleration, shock, vibration and movement, as well as application specific inertial measurement devices. Signal Quest specialises in Miniature, Nano-power, Surface-Mount Switch/Sensors Components. Inclinometers, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, IMU & AHRS Sensor Modules.


Adactus are known for designing, producing and providing wireless accessories like antennas, cables and connectors to companies involved in the business of wireless communication. Adactus specialise in ISM & LTE band products. 


Vinatech are a manufacturer of Supercapacitors. The Hi density technology covers a high capacitance range of 1 Farad to 500 Farad in EDLC and Hybrid options with voltage ranges from 2.5v to 6v. Vinatech’s Supercapacitors are 10 x more powerful than a standard battery, Temp Ranges from -40¿C to +70¿C and Up to 500,000 charge/discharge cycles.


SensDev UG design Silicon Pressure Sensors, with ranges from 50Pa to 4MPa, 10μL/s to 1000m³/h. SensDev also have 2V to 40V voltage range, -40C to +125C typical range, 127 user selectable I²C bus addresses & more.


Mixed Signal Integration specializes in analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits. MSI offers both standard products and custom ASICs in CMOS technologies. MSI are particularly strong in integrated circuit filter design, both switched capacitor and integrated RC active filters. 


Futaba began as a Metal Oxide Film Resistor manufacturer. They have now expanded into the production of ceramic substrates using their patented Thick Film Technology. Futaba’s LED and Hybrid Component modules offer superior thermal management greatly reducing heat stress and static shock. Futaba specialise in LED Modules, Resistors, Capacitors, Hybrid Arrays & Schottky Barrier Diodes

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