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Broadcrown is one of the world's leading manufacturers of diesel generators (diesel generating sets), offering a wide range of standard and bespoke power solutions, to the worldwide market, from 6.2kVA to 4MVA..

With its corporate headquarters and two state of the art factories located in the UK, Broadcrown undertakes all aspects of generator design, project management, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of generators and their control systems

Generating Sets

All manufacturing is undertaken in the UK. Generating sets below 550kVA are manufactured in a dedicated 20,000 sq ft plant in Newtown, Wales. Larger generating sets (and custom built units up to 4MVA) are designed and manufactured in a purpose built 28,000 sq ft factory at the corporate headquarters in Hixon, Staffordshire. Both factories have been specially designed and equipped for generating set manufacture utilising the latest manufacturing techniques

Standard Diesel Generator Sets

Broadcrown designs and manufactures 50Hz and 60Hz diesel generators for all international ratings and emission guidelines. Offering an extensive range of different power outputs ranging from 6.2 kVA to 3350 kVA (50Hz) and from 8.6 kW to 3200 kW (60Hz).

Control panels
All Broadcrown's generators are supplied as standard with a comprehensive digital control panel offering a user-friendly interface. Further options are available providing even greater control system flexibility.

Acoustic packages
We design, manufacture and supply canopies, weatherproof enclosures and container packages for outdoor all-weather use in the harshest of environments.   Their acoustic performance is designed to meet the most stringent specifications and tests.

We offer a bespoke service to help tailor generators to suit your specific needs.  Mechanical and electrical options are available for every range plus a selection of acoustic packages and control panels.

Contact us for more information on our comprehensive product range for sale and generators for rent.

Standard Diesel Generator Sets

Bespoke Generator Sets

Bespoke Generator Sets

Our standard generator products meet the needs of most consultants and end users.  But some applications require special consideration and custom design to overcome challenges such as stringent noise control, restricted space, remote cooling arrangements or special voltages.  Our experience means we can deliver power solutions in remote tropical areas, at high altitudes or at sea.

Broadcrown is independent.  That means we are free to design the product to meet your exact requirements.  Without having to use a particular manufacturer's products, we can choose the best solutions to meet a particular need.  The best generators, control panels and acoustics.

A truly bespoke solution
We appoint a project manager, at the outset, to establish your requirements and to consult with you through all stages from initial project analysis to design, manufacturing, installation, servicing, maintenance and training.

The Project Management team is supported by other members of the Broadcrown organisation including site managers, Mechanical and Electrical Installation managers, commissioning manager, acoustic consultants and Health & Safety manager.  The experienced team ensures that the bespoke solution is designed, built, installed and commissioned by trained engineers.

Bespoke Generator Sets

Oil & Gas Industry Generator Solutions

Broadcrown designs and manufactures a complete range of bespoke power generation solutions for the oil and gas industry with a wide range of options.

Broadcrown combines over 30 years of power generation experience with a commitment to high quality generator solutions making it the ultimate safe and reliable choice for demanding Oil & Gas applications, worldwide. We deliver generators for prime and emergency power solutions for all onshore and offshore applications. 

All of our power solutions are designed to meet the relevant requirements of:

  • Client specification
  • Site conditions
  • Emissions legislations
  • Area classification
  • Marine classification societies

All generator power units can be witness tested in our purpose-built test house or testing can be done, at site, before handover.

Our philosophy is to work with our clients to ensure that Broadcrown always delivers reliable power, safely, whenever, wherever it is needed.

Oil & Gas Industry Generator Solutions

Gas and Co-Generation

Broadcrown specialises in generators that burn natural gas including highly efficient, low emission Combined Heat & Power (CHP) models.

Standard gas generators
For locations where gas is a more appropriate and cost-effective choice than diesel, we offer a range of flexible and reliable gas-burning generators.  We design and manufacture natural gas-powered generators from 9 kWe to 2145 kWe at 50 Hz, and 11.5 kWe to 2000 kWe at 60 Hz.

Multi-generator packages are also available which utilise a range of configurable electronic controllers, varying from simple auto-start functions to multi-set paralleling and load-sharing installations.  The use of common design concepts across the power bands results in ease of installation, efficient running and a long working life.

Gas and Co-Generation

UPS Systems

Broadcrown's wide range of standard and bespoke UPS systems guarantees that critical applications will continue to function without interruption in supply.  Ensuring the correct level of power during a partial or total mains failure.  They also provide:

  • A wide input voltage range (without reverting to the battery)
  • Clean and stable sine wave power output
  • Higher system reliability due to inbuilt bypass function
  • Filtration of disturbances and anomalies from the mains power supply
  • Generator compatibility
UPS Systems

Medium Speed Generators

Broadcrown offers a range of fuel-efficient, medium speed generators running at speeds up to 1000 rpm with outputs up to 24MVA per unit.

These units are designed to operate in a continuous duty mode rather than as a back up power to the normal mains source. The advantage of medium speed generators is the considerably lower fuel and maintenance costs over a projected life cycle. Medium speed generators operate on cheaper less refined fuel such as heavy fuel oil while high speed generators use more expensive light fuel oil.

Our medium speed products are heavy duty, base load generators offered by our global projects division for operation in power plants. In these applications durability and fuel efficiency are of paramount importance.  The range extends from 2 MWe through to 22 MWe per unit, from 1000 rpm down to 500 rpm.

Because we are independent, we can take advantage of the best prime movers from premium global engine manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and MAN.  We are one of the few power solution companies that can guide you through to the correct application of either high speed or medium speed generators.

Medium Speed Generators

Marine Generator Sets

Broadcrown provides clean, quiet and safe generator power for use in all marine environments.

We are experienced in marine power engineering and work closely with our customers to provide efficient, reliable and economical generator solutions for work or for leisure.

Broadcrown is independent.  As a partner to most of the engine manufacturers. we can deliver a power generation package that will best fit your application and budget.  Producing some of the most compact, lightweight and easily maintainable packages available.

From basic generator packages to full turnkey solutions, we can supply to most marine society standards and meet stringent environmental regulations.

When you take delivery of a Broadcrown package, no matter where you sail, you know you will never have to worry about losing power as every package comes with a comprehensive warranty. The warranty is supported by a network of dealers as well as Broadcrown offices in the USA, Africa and Far East.  All ready to give you the service you need 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

Marine Generator Sets

Gas Turbine Generator Sets

Broadcrown designs and manufactures gas turbine generator packages with capacities 2.5 MWe to 5.3 MWe using the Centrax core unit. These core units utilise the Rolls Royce 501 series of gas turbines coupled to high efficiency alternators. The turbines can run on a variety of gas and liquid fuels.

Our gas turbine generators are available as reliable and efficient standard packages that can be specifically configured to meet your particular project requirements. They are used extensively in prime applications for power generation and, with the addition of heat recovery equipment, as highly efficient co-generation packages.  The packages are also used for base load and standby applications throughout the world.

Typical users include the oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and processing industries together with district heating schemes. Broadcrown offers complete turnkey power generation solutions.  Our experienced, dedicated personnel will complete all site installation works and commissioning together with through life service and maintenance

Gas Turbine Generator Sets

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