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New Product Launch - A Smart Polariser for Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is now available.

The Broadley-James Smart Polarizer conditions a polarographic dissolved oxygen sensor, so that it is ready to use and also allows the user to test the sensor prior to sterilising, to ensure it is operating correctly, before it is placed in the vessel.

This product offers benefits such as:

• Live readout of nA, °C and battery condition.
• Full zero and air test to verify the dissolved oxygen sensor is fit for purpose.
• Prevents a faulty sensor being fitted to a vessel.
• Simplifies testing procedures.
• Reduces operational costs.

Specific features include:

Swivel Connector: Positions display for convenient readout
Convenient: One unit to test and polarise.
Universal: Can be used with all popular makes of polarographic sensors.
Battery Powered: Can be used in the lab or production areas.
Portable: Small pocket size.
Simple to Use: Single button press displays nA, °C, Battery Volts.

BioProcess Measurement & Control Technologies

Broadley James Corporation are manufacturers of the BioNet distributed bioreactor control system.

Other high quality products include:

Broadley-James also has an extensive sensor line for industrial process applications including DynaProbe and ProcesProbe pH and redox sensors. These pH sensors find applications in water treatment, waste water, hydroponics (aquaculture), swimming pools and general laboratory use.

Broadley-James Ltd changed their name in January 2011 having traded as Broadley Technologies Ltd for 10 years in the UK.

Flownamics - Automated Sterile Sampling

Flownamics® was founded in 1995 to address the growing needs of fermentation and bioreactor operators in the biotechnology industry. 

The new SEG-FLOW® segmented online sampler allows you to interface any analyzer or collector to 8 fermentation vessels or bioreactors.

FISP Bioreactor Cell Free Sampling Probe

Flownamics® has developed the FISP®, which is a sampling probe capable of withdrawing sterile, cell-free samples from fermentors and bioreactors. FISP® allows direct on-line sample transfer to a variety of analyzers, such as biochemistry and HPLC systems, as well as collection for off-line analysis. 

OxyProbe Sterilisable Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The market leader in Dissolved Oxygen Sensor design, Broadley-James does not believe in changing the basic design every few years forcing customers into buying new equipment to keep current. Instead, Broadley-James strives to make improvements “backwards compatible” so they can be used with new electronics as well as the old.  The OxyProbe sterilisable dissolved oxygen sensor benefits from extra rugged design for harsh industrial production environments.  FDA positive listed materials of construction and electropolished stainless steel surfaces provide better surface cleanability.  The sensors feature a replaceable Anode/Cathode assembly a concept pioneered by Broadley-James,

FermProbe Sterilisable pH Electrode

 In 1986 Broadley-James Corporation introduced the first steam-sterilisable, gel-filled and sealed pH sensor. The pH FermProbe met wide acceptance in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for use in fermentation processes.

As the market leader in sterilisable pH and redox electrodes, the series of FermProbe Sterilisable pH Electrodes offers the widest range of sensors and housings available today.  The FermProbe withstands autoclaving, Steam in Place (SIP) and caustic Clean in Place (CIP) applications, with FDA compliant o-rings  used throughout.  The FermProbe can be used in benchtop bioreactors or stainless steel pilot plant and production vessels

pH Sensors and Instrumentation for Process Technologies

pH Sensors and Instrumentation for Process Technologies

Replacement 12 X 120 mm Electrodes - These pH and redox (ORP) sensors with 12 X 120mm bodies are replacements for submersion and inline assemblies with standard PG 13.5 threaded caps.

DynaProbe —Designed for high temperature and high pressure applications, such as the petrochemical process industries, their operating range is up to 135°C and 15 Bar Pressure.

ProcessProbe — These probes are designed for moderate to high temperatures and pressures. Their operating range is up to 120°C and 10 Bar Pressure. Designed for rugged submersion and inline use, their applications include waste water, industrial neutralization pits, plating baths, control of chemical processes, etc.

Pool Probes —These pH and Redox (ORP) electrodes have been designed for use in any swimming pool or spa application. These sensors are designed for rugged service in submersion or on-line applications and are compatible with many pre-existing housings found in commercial and residential swimming pool controllers.

BioNet Distributed Control System

The Broadley-James BioNet Distributed Control System uses the highly regarded, field proven DeltaVTM control solution from Emerson Process Management for controlling and managing small to large arrays of bioreactors.  The BioNet Distributed Control System offers a number of options for the networked HMI user interface such as locally mounted touch screens, or secure wireless PC tablets and can control traditional benchtop vessels, as well as rockers and single use bioreactors (SUB).

Our Renowned Partners

Broadley-James Europe distributes a comprehensive range of quality products from various renowned manufacturers.  These products compliment one another and find their application in upstream and downstream bioprocessing. They provide local technical support and planned servicing by certified engineers while striving to deliver the best service in the industry.

Their renowned partners are

  • Cellexus Innovative Single Use Bioreactors
  • SciLog - Intelligent Pumps, TFF, Diafiltration for lab scale and GMP
  • Flownamics - SegFlow automated bioreactor sampling systems, FISP sampling probe
  • Keofitt - Single-Use sterile and aseptic sampling, Aseptic sampling valves

Cellexus Single Use Bioreactor System

Cellexus are manufacturers of biopharmaceutical equipment. Their excellent quality products include disposable bioreactor systems and a wide range of consumables.

The CellMaker PLUS™ Cellexus Single Use Bioreactor System simplifies the broadest range of cell culture processes and gives perfect conditions for cell culture. This is due to unique airlift technology supplemented by dO2/pH control and impellor mixing.

The Cellexus Oxygenator is a self contained oxygen generator for cell culture applications. No need for gas bottles as it creates a constant oxygen stream through induction. 



SciLog has been committed to innovations in automated and single-use purification systems as well as disposable sensor technology since its inception in 1990.  SciLog manufactures a range of laboratory products for TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration), protein purification, filterability testing and sterile dispensing.  The automation systems are complimented by a range of pre-calibrated single use sensors for pressure, temperature and conductivity.  A range of process systems for cGMP production and process development complete the range.

Keofitt World Leaders in Sterile Sampling

Broadley James Ltd is an Authorised Distributor of Keofitt products

Keofitt World Leader in Sterile Sampling is a Danish company established in 1980 by master brewer Kai Ottung.

The “I” sampling valve is designed for aseptic sampling of medium viscosity products, with particles up to 1.2mm in diameter. The valve is used in SIP bioreactors with a standard DN25 mm port and can be used for sampling a wide range of products. 

The Single Use Bag allows an aseptic sample to be taken from a system when used with a Keofitt sampling valve.  To operate snap the fitting onto the sample valve and lock. Steam sterilise and remove the safety seal. Turn the valve into the sample taking position. Open the sampling valve and fill the bag. Seal the sample bag, unlock the fitting and release sample.

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