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At Broadway Colours, we specialise in producing a colouring agent for plastic known as Masterbatch. Having extensive knowledge and expertise in the plastics industry, we have been a privately owned Masterbatch manufacturer since 1997.

Our Masterbatch colouring agent is commonly used for many applications including:

  • Cosmetic Jars and Bottles
  • Closures
  • Computer Casings
  • Gaming Pieces
  • Plastic Sheeting

Universal Masterbatch

Our excellent range of universal Masterbatch, with 199 colours, can be used for a vast number of polymers. Free of heavy metal and cadmium based pigments, our universal Masterbatch colours all conform to UK and European food contact AP(89)1 and toy EN71 application requirements.

We offer a next day delivery service on all orders placed before 12pm for quantities of 1kg upwards. A free 100g sample is available on request.

Colour Matching

To provide an optimum and accurate service for our customers, our colour matching process involves selecting the pigments and dyestuffs based on the following customer selected criteria:

  • Heat stability
  • Compatibility with requested polymer
  • Light fastness
  • Toxicity
  • Reliable pigment combinations
  • Metamerism
  • Cost 

The colour matching process is concluded, a lab shot is created using the selected pigments and the requested base polymer. A colour plaque is produced when all relevant components are mixed and injection moulded.

Rotational Moulding powders

Broadway Colours are now able to provide high quality Rotational Moulding Powders thanks to our brand new, state-of-the-art grinding facility.
Not only are we able to offer many grades of natural Polymer, but a Standard Colour Range along with Custom Colours and Effects too.  Every batch of our powders goes though a rigorous QC procedure, testing the Particle distribution, Melt Flow and Colour consistency.  We are also the only rotational moulding powder supplier on the market that produces a rotational moulded cube of every colour we produce to best demonstrate the quality and consistency of our products.


Plastic Colours Service and Support

We strive to ensure our customer service and support is maintained to the highest standard from the initial query through to the final product. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and colour measurement facilities, enhancing our customer service and support further.

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