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Established in 1885 as a SPRING and AXLE MAKER, employing 8 men, John Brockhouse rapidly grew his business, and only 3 years later moved to the 5.5 acre site in Howard Street, West Bromwich, where we are today. In the 120 years that followed the company flourished to become one of largest engineering employers in the West Midlands and a KEY SUPPLIER of INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS to many industries.

At no time did the Group lose sight of its roots and today Brockhouse is not only a name synonymous with the forging industry in the UK, but has also expanded its scope into added value processes such as machining, sub assembly, fabrication and worldwide sourcing of forged components.

has a proven record for supplying a wide range of international companies within a variety of key markets, including,
  • Mining
  • Railways
  • Automotive
  • Off-highway
  • Defence
  • Fluid power
  • Materials handling and general engineering industries

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the challenges of FAST RESPONSE, HIGH QUALITY and LOW COST SOLUTIONS that our customers need.

We are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and hold specific customer and industry approvals, demonstrating a commitment to quality control, continuous improvement and customer service throughout our organisation. We are members of the Confederation of British Metalforming. 


Drop Hammer, Upset and Stamping

From our 0.5 tonne Power Hammer up to our 7 tonne Counterblow Hammer our 8 hammers have the capability to produce forgings from as small as 100g up to 120Kg.
  We cater for a market that requires small to medium batch quantities in a variety of carbon, high alloy, Duplex, stainless steels and copper, forging nearly 5,000 tonnes of material a year.
Uniquely flexible in our approach to manufacturing quantities we are able to meet low volume spares requirements up to OEM requirements of 1,000s.
On our 4 Upsetters we can forge shafts and pinions with upset diameters of up to 220mm.
Our range of manufacturing facilities enables us to offer the broadest range of product from a single Forge, which means that we are ideally suited to provide a one-stop shop for all our customers forging needs.
Post Forge Operations

Managing the complete process is important to an efficient supply chain. We have our own heat treatment facilities for Normalising, Hardening and Tempering.
Shotblasting, Grinding, Linishing are all conducted in house along with Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Warm Forging


We have 750T and 500T presses with induction heating facilities capable of producing near nett shape forgings up to 7 Kgs in weight with extruded diameters up to 120 mm.
  Benefits Warm forging offers the following benefits
  • Optimization of raw material - minimum waste
  • Potential to reduce machining time
  • Produces a product of excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Significant tolerance advantage over conventional hot forging
  • Process produces a flashless forging with superior grain flow
  • Centres can be incorporated as part of the process eliminating the need for primary facing and centring operations
  • Less energy consumption in the forging process - reduced costs
Typical applications
Powertrain products and drives - pinions, hubs, shafts and bevel gears
  Motors – shafts, sprockets, splines and gears
  Actuators – complex shafts
Warm Forging

CAD / CAM design

We are always under pressure to deliver change quickly. To meet these demands we have invested in Computer Aided Die Design and Die Manufacturing technology.

We work closely with our clients to assist them in designing products that both meet their design criteria but can also be manufactured by the most COST-EFFECTIVE route. We use forging simulation software to reduce waste and speed up production processes.
  Our design and programming system enables us to create the forge drawing, translate it into a 3D model and communicate that data directly to our HIGH SPEED 3-AXIS CNC DIE CUTTING MACHINES. By controlling all of these design and development processes in house we have the flexibility to respond quickly to new product design.
CAD / CAM design

Die Manufacture

Our customers are under pressure to reduce lead times. Our investment in computer aided design and manufacturing technology enables us to bring new products to market in the shortest possible time.

Working with traditional drawings or directly from our customers own CAD data we develop a three-dimensional model of the forged component.

As experienced machinists of forgings we understand the need to minimise the subsequent removal of material thereby reducing waste and minimising cost. This is an integral part of our design process.

Simulation software is used to deliver the most cost efficient and effective use of raw material.

Our design and programming is linked directly to our CNC machines, which means a fast turn around for the production of new and replacement dies.

For an early proof of design we then offer a rapid prototyping service that produces a model of the actual part.

Die Manufacture


We recognise the need for many of our customers to outsource their machining operations. Over recent years we have invested in our CNC machining facilities, which now includes vertical machining centres and turning centres as well as various conventional machine tools, all operated by a fully skilled workforce.

We have quickly established ourselves as a core component in the supply of partially and fully machined forgings to many of our customers. By managing the process in-house we maintain control over cost and quality and are well placed to deliver savings to new and existing customers.


Assembly & Fabrication

An increasing number of our customers are looking to outsource some of their non-core operations. To some this may simply be a machining operation but to others it is a full sub assembly or fabrication requirement.

From steel billet, through forging, machining, fabrication, painting to final assembly, we are in complete control of the value chain.

Primarily servicing the needs of the defence and railway sectors we are continuing to develop opportunities in this area.

Assembly & Fabrication

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