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Brooks Forgings Ltd, established in 1960, is leading UK manufacturer of Forged, Fabricated and Machined components.

We are approved to the following accreditations:
Lloyds ISO 9001, CE to EN1090 & 15048, National Highway Sector Scheme 3, ACS ISO 14001, ACS OHSAS 18001, Achilles FPAL Registered, Achilles Link-Up (RISQS) Registered.

  • 16 Hot Forging Cells
  • Upset Forging up to 100MM Diameter
  • Drop Forging up to 75KG
  • 14 CNC Machines
  • 5 Robot Welding Cells
  • Hot & Cold Bending
  • Flash Butt Welding 
  • Tensile Testing
  • 250 Tonnes of Material 
  • 2500 Pallets of Stock

Brooks Forgings is proud to announce that it is the first company to be issued with ISO 9001, EN1090 and EN15048 by Lloyds Register. This is to comply with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

Upset Forging

Upset Forging is just one of many forging processes available from Brooks Forgings Ltd.
If you are looking for upset forged components please contact us today with your requirements.

Our Upset Forging Capabilities

Our capabilities include both vertical closed die and horizontal split die upset forging machines.

Capacity from 6mm – 100mm diameter bar stock up to 10 meter lengths, including flat, square and hexagonal material.

We also have the diversity to manufacture forgings from a wide range of materials.

Ranging from carbon steels through to exotic alloys… we can help you with your forging requirements.

Contact us today with your upset forging requirements.

Upset Forging

Drop Forging

Drop Forging is just one of many forging processes available from Brooks Forgings Ltd. If you are looking for drop forged components please contact us today with your requirements.

We have a total of 9 Drop Forging hammers, producing components up to 75KG.

The Benefits

The drop forging process improves the strength of the metal by aligning the grain along the lines of potential stress, which cannot be achieved through casting, machining or fabrication. These types of components are used by our customers in agriculture, transportation, defence, mining, forestry, medical and other industries.

Drop Forging

Horizontal Counterblow Forging

Horizontal Counterblow Forging is the latest addition to our manufacturing capability.
A Model C Chambersburg Automated Horizontal Counterblow System has been installed at our manufacturing site based in Stourbridge, increasing our capacity to 16 hot forging cells.

This process can achieve a more uniform product, using less energy compared to other forging processes. High volume, and consistent, production of excellent quality forgings with improved lead times.

We believe that the introduction of Counterblow Forging will enable us to offer the lowest possible production cost for medium to high volume forging in the UK.

Horizontal Counterblow Forging


At Brooks Forgings Ltd we manufacture a diverse range of Eyebolts used in many industries. Our fully equipped tool room, alongside our CAD/CAM facilities, enables us to produce specials to customer requirements.

Additionally, we hold supplies of blank forgings ready for rapid conversion and despatch.

Sizes Ranging from M6 to M100 (1/4” to 4”)

Our Eyebolt range includes:

• Palm Eye Bolts (Straight Sides)
• Shackle Eye Bolts (Curved Sides)
• Din 444 Eyebolts
• Swivel Eyebolts (Increased Eye Thickness)
• Lift Suspension Eyebolts
• Collared Eye Bolts Imperial Thread
• Collared Eye Bolts Metric Thread
• Dynamo Eyebolts (Commercial Pattern)
• Dynamo Eyebolts
• Sling Rod Eye Bolts (Integral Forged Eye)
• Bow Nuts
• Eye Nuts
• Din 582 Eye Nuts
• Din 580 Eyebolts
• Curled Eye Bolts
• Ring Eye Bolts
• Nib End Eyebolts
• Scaffold Restraint Eyebolts
• Eyebolts & Eyenuts to BS1320



Holding Down Bolts

We supply Civil Engineering projects with many different types of holding down bolts. Our extensive on site manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer swift turnaround for orders.

Our on-site facilities also enable us to supply bolt boxes and assemblies made to customers requirements.

Specialising in the manufacture of Standard & Specials
M6-M100 up to 8000MM length.

Make Brooks Forgings your one source for all of your foundation bolting requirements -- all direct from one manufacturer. Please contact us today with your requirements.

We are certified to CE EN1090 and EN15048 by Lloyds Register. This is to comply with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

Holding Down Bolts

Hammerhead T Bolts

For Standard and Non-Standard Hammerhead T-Bolts, Brooks Forgings Ltd  are your number one choice. Hot Forged in the UK. Metric or Imperial Threads.

Sizes from M24 up to M100 and up to 6000mm Length

Our manufacturing capacity includes:
DIN 7992
• DIN 186
• DIN 188
• DIN 261

Special head forms manufactured on request


Hammerhead T Bolts


Specialists in the manufacture of Non-Standard Shackles to our clients exact specifications.

Our Standard Shackle Range Includes:

• Large D Shackles to BS 3032
• Small D Shackles to BS 3032
• Large Bow Shackles to BS 3032
• Small Bow Shackles to BS 3032
• Overhead Power Line Shackles to BS 3288

We can manufacture up to a maximum body diameter of 100mm (4” Dia)


Special Bolts & Fasteners

Brooks Forgings Ltd have extensive on-site processes to manufacture a diverse range of Special Bolts in the UK.

Our range of special bolts includes:

  • Tee bolt round head
  • Tee bolt square head
  • Cheese head square bolt
  • Round tapered bolt
  • Tee square bolt
  • Tapered oval bolt
  • Cup headed bolt
  • Cup square
  • Spill plate bolt
  • Heavy duty square bolt
  • Countersunk square bolt

Special Bolts can be produced in a range of materials including:

  • Carbon & Alloy
  • Super Alloys
  • Stainless
  • Duplex
  • Non Ferrous
Special Bolts & Fasteners

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