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Established in 1972, Brophy Castings Ltd is a family run company employing 10 highly skilled staff. We offer a one stop aluminium gravity die casting service accommodating prototype development, tooling design & fabrication, heat treatment, impregnation and finishing as required. At Brophy Castings we are always willing to offer advice and help that enables you to get exactly what you want, when you want it, and at the right price.

We are specialists in aluminium gravity die casting, operating three half tonne capacity 48KVA electric furnaces with inhouse finishing facilities allowing us to undertake both low and high volume production work (50-5,000) for components upto 10kg.

Specialising in aluminium we offer both British Standard and aerospace specification grade alloy castings. The following list details a sample of the alloys we mostly work with:

  • LM4
  • LM6
  • LM13
  • LM25
  • L99
    Certificates of analysis & conformity are available if required.

Aluminium Die Casting

  • Specialist aluminium die-casters catering to both a UK and international client base
  • Gravity die-casting process allows the production of consistent castings incorporating complex internal structures by using a combination of metal dies and sand cores with a flexibility in production that other processes such as pressure die casting cannot offer.
  • Over 30 years experience in the aluminium gravity die-casting business

 Cost Effective

  • Extremely accurate mouldings to be created in medium volume at a very cost effective rate.
  • Prototype or a production component you are machining and want to increase production and in turn reduce costs, then please feel free to call us for an informal conversation. Our prices cannot be beaten.
Aluminium Die Casting


  • Castings can be made up to 1000mm tall and approximately 700mm wide and upto 10kg.
  • Hand poured from Half Tonne 48KVA Morgan Temperature Controlled Bale Out Resistance Furnaces
  • Most of our work is in LM6 & LM25
  • Die cast moulds produce an accurate component with a very good surface finish which often does not need any secondary work. The surface finish can also, to some extent, be modified by the type of release agent used.

 Release Agents

We offer 4 types of release agent for varying types of finish.

  • Dycote 11: General graphite based release agent for a regular surface finish and an easy release from the mould.
  • Dycote 34: Rougher finish.
  • Dycote 140: Finer finish.
  • Dycote 39: Super fine finish.

The Dycote permanent mould coatings promote proper mould filling and release, improves the metallurgical properties and surface finish of aluminium castings and protects the die, extending its life.


Cast-in Inserts

Pre-threaded bosses, threaded studs and high strength bearing surfaces can be incorporated into the casting

Sand Cores

Sand Cores - can be used to cast awkward & complex internal shapes including lipped cavities and internal bends.

Silica sand cores can be made up to 300mm2 to almost any complexity

Sand Cores

Medium Volume Casting

Die-casting is ideal for medium volume work. The moulds which are machined from cast iron are suited for a production life of 200,000+, much longer than sand casting and with drastically lower costs than pressure die-casting.

Depending on the size of the component and the mould cavities we can produce over 500 units per day from each individual furnace. Production levels range from 50 to 50000.

Medium Volume Casting


Working closely with clients we can help develop prototype components and moulds working from drawings, existing parts or design briefs


Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium casting specialists and offer are range of BS1490:1988 compliant alloys


  • LM25: A general purpose high strength casting alloy used mainly where good mechanical properties are required combined with resistance to corrosion.
  • LM6: Also offers excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for castings that are to be welded. Also ideal for pump parts, for the paint industry, and food & domestic castings.
  • LM13: A low expansion piston alloy which is hard wearing with excellent bearing properties - engine pistons
  • L99: General aerospace alloy, offers high strength and corrosion resistance. This standard includes full heat treatment.
  • LM4: General engineering applications suited for instrument cases, tool handles, switch gear and were moderate mechanical properties are required. Suited to thin forms and were castings are required to be pressure-tight. In its heat treated state LM4 castings are suited to relatively high static loadings.
  • L169: This is the strongest highest strength alloy, used for the most critical and demanding applications.
  • 99% Pure Aluminium: Pure aluminium is ideal for cookware and catering equipment.
Aluminium Alloys

Die Cast Tooling

As part of our one stop shop service, we can supply customers with cast iron tooling for their casting requirements.

  • Low Unit Cost 
  • Machined Die Tools
  • Tool Repair
  • Exiting Tooling - We are happy to work with existing tooling, saving you both the cost of your initial investment as well as the price of a new die
  • Guaranteed Performance - In over 30 years in the casting business we have never designed a tool that didn't work
Die Cast Tooling


  • Linishing
  • Rumbling
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Heat Treatment
  • Polishing
  • Machining
  • Powder Coating, Wet Spray and Stove Enamelling
  • Aluminium Anodising
  • Electroplating

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