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Mast Climbers - Formwork Access - System Scaffolding *Innovative* Access, Safety & Weather Shield Screen Enclosure System   Formula T and T Ltd are a formwork and access provider in the UK and Ireland. We offer the full range of formwork and access equipment through our partnering arrangements.   Our new safety screen enclosure system has been developed for the highrise concrete industry. Followed with the second phase development for highrise concrete works and envelope works i.e rainscreen cladding , insulation and render, brickwork, glazing and envelope refurbishment works etc.
  • It can be used in adverse weather conditions where other access equipment such as mast climbers would be unusable.
  • Complete access to all working levels.
  • All levels screened off from risk of falling materials.
  • The enclosure system is hydraulically driven
  • Off site assembly of screens and folding for better transportation.
  • Also capable of operating from 10 floors to 50 floors.
  • Capacity to start external works finishes earlier as the system does not sit on the ground in contrast to traditional scaffolding or mastclimbers.
Screen protection is becoming more & more a part of normal construction techniques and a requirement on many projects, also no longer discussed as something we may use on just high-rise projects. Call us about your formwork or access needs. We will provide you with a solution to fit your exact needs whether the emphasis is on time, budget or increased safety.


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