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Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing Ltd is part of the Neutrahealth Group.  Neutrahealth was formed in 2005 - it is an AIM listed company whose strategy is to consolidate and become a major presence in the consumer wellbeing market.  As well as Brunel Healthcare, Neutrahealth also own Biocare who are a leading practitioner based Supplement company, together with a web based company ,Totally Nourish who utilise the expertise of Patrick Holford, a leading expert within the Supplements industry.

 Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing Ltd is one the UK's leading Manufacturers of Vitamins, Herbals and Licensed products.  We are number 1 in supplying Private Label to the UK market, have a very strong contract manufacturing service and also market one of the leading vegetarian & vegan suitable brands Vertese, .  We also supply the Vitamin Store brand to  independent pharmacies and retailers.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Who are we?
Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing Ltd are a UK based manufacturer of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Food Supplements, and with licensed Medicines.   We are conveniently located in the Midlands with excellent transport links to the UK and for export.

What do we make?
We make virtually all our tablets on site from the individual raw materials and we can also make/fill hard gel (2 piece) capsules. We buy in our soft gel capsules from a number of selected manufacturers.

As well as manufacturing we also pack into a variety of packaging formats, mainly plastic bottles and cartons/blister packs.

We supply not only Food Supplements - we also have a number of our own UK Product Licences available for customers to use under their own name.  We also manufacture & pack licensed products which are owned/managed by our customers.

We can supply both bulk tablets for our customers to pack themselves, or we offer a full service solution from raw materials, through to tablets to the final shelf ready consumer pack.

As well as the UK market, we already supply into several Scandinavian countries, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland using a combination of selected hauliers.

Our facilities
Our site is modern, purpose built 110,000 sq ft (10,200 sq m) manufacturing and packing site, fully operational from November 1996. We are a large scale manufacturer with high highly automated packing lines.

We have the capacity to manufacture 3 billion tablets per annum and 70 million finished packs.  At present we work to 2 shifts in manufacturing and 3 shifts in packing, 5 days a week.

We have approximately 15 compression machines, the speed and output of which varies depending on the product characteristics, volume and batch size.  In packing we have 7 automated bottle filling lines, 4 blister packing machines and 1 roll-wrap machine.  Cartoning and leaflet insertion is available on selected lines. 

What Quality Standards do we operate to?

  • We are UK MHRA approved - we are fully approved to manufacture and pack licensed products (GSL/P status) on site.
  • We are BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified to meet the requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 15, Product Group 15 (Dried Food and Ingredients).
  • We have been inspected and approved by our local Trading Standards on behalf of the UK Food Standards Agency for operating to the standards required by the UK Food Safety Act 1990.
  • We are regularly audited and inspected by all our Food and Pharma customers and meet their exacting quality standards.

Brunel’s Product Development Services
We have a number of ‘off the shelf formulations’ available, and we also offer a full Product Development service for our customers starting with a basic brief and taking this all the way through to final manufacture.

We have a fully equipped Product Development Laboratory with Technical Specialists on hand. We have a fully equipped Pilot Plant where we can make samples ranging from approximately 50 to a few thousand tablets. The equipment we have replicates our full scale manufacturing equipment.

We have facilities to carry out full stability testing to full ICH requirements and standards and are very experienced in analysing for the main Vitamins, Minerals and Trace elements in tablet bases. Depending on the protocol agreed, if required, we use outside accredited laboratories for some specialist analysis. We also use an outside microbiological laboratory for any micro tests we need to carry out, both factory monitoring and finished products.

We have a Regulatory Affairs Department who can advise on legislation and the important aspects of legality, product labelling and registrations etc. 

Member Organisations

  • HFMA (Health Food Manufacturer's Association)
  • CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition)
  • The European Botanical Forum (EBF)
  • The European Responsible Nutrition Alliance (ERNA)
  • The European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM)

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Contract Manufacturing Services
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