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  1. AirCap Bubble wrap Vs Standard Bubble wrap
    5 April 2019

    In the UK there are just a handful of manufacturers, however there’s one grade that is stands apart from the rest.

    AirCap bubble is made with a barrier film that ensures the bubble stays inflated longer



    • You can tear AirCap bubble in a straight line by hand - speeds up wrapping when using it, no knife or cutter needed


    • It’s the strongest, but also the lightest
    • Because it retains air better than standard bubble, you inevitably use less of it
    • Less storage space needed, because of its unique design and the way the bubble is wound on the roll, this bubble takes up less space.


    • E.g. a 200M AirCap bubble roll is only fractionally bigger than a standard roll in 100M - takes up half the space
    • AirCap bubble is a bit dearer, however this extra cost is usually then saved because you will use less bubble, and because you are using less bubble, you will be packing quicker.
  2. Packaging Tape Vs Gummed Paper Tape
    5 April 2019

    What’s the difference between Gummed Paper Tape and Traditional Packing Tape?

    Packing tape, whether its clear or brown, vinyl or polypropylene  accounts for over 95% of tape sales in the UK compared to Gummed Paper Tape. Most people don’t even think about using anything else, most of the time because they don’t know that there is an alternative. I think it is fair to say most people simply carry on using and ordering what they have always bought.

    So we thought we’d share with you the Pros and Cons of Gummed Paper tape and the more traditional Packing Tape

    Standard Tapes Pros


    It’s readily available
    Many grades to choose from, i.e. Vinyl, Polypropylene, Low noise tape.
    You can use it anywhere (you can carry the tape around with you) and you’re not tied to a packing bench
    It's the 'Norm' always used it


    Standard Tapes Cons


    Not as Environmentally friendly as Gummed Paper Tape
    Affected by cold weather which can cause the tape to be less sticky
    You invariable use more tape than you need. I’ve seen countless boxes in packing rooms and warehouses covered in brown tape due to overzealous use by the person packing.
    Tape splitting issues. Standard tape is actually quite strong, try pulling or splitting the tape by hand yourself its nearly impossible. In 99.9% of cases tape splitting happens when the tape gets dropped on the floor or bench top and gets a tiny nick in the side of the roll. Every time the tape is then unwound to the point of the nick it will split across the width of the roll 

    Gummed Paper Tape Pros


    It sticks in any temperature, not affected by the cold
    It’s generally cheaper
    You’ll use less tape if used with the right dispensing machine as you only use the amount of tape needed for the box you’re taping
    Environmentally Friendly Green tape and 100% recyclable
    Improved Presentation - looks better once applied to a box
    Tamper evident, you will see instantly if the tape has been tampered with or cut
    Gummed Paper Tape is always quicker and easier to use, so more boxes sealed in less time


    Gummed Paper Tape Cons


    You can only use this tape from a stationery packing bench - you can’t walk around with it, it's not mobile
    The initial outlay of buying a new tape dispenser - although with the money saved it can pay for itself over quite a short time period, not so readily available

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