BSM Packaging Supplies Ltd

BSM Packaging Supplies Ltd are dedicated suppliers of packaging products and have a wide range of products available. BSM Packaging Supplies Ltd can supply you with a single item or one thousand items, whatever your specification.

  1. Pallet Wrap

    Pallet Wrap
    Here at BSM Packaging, we provide pallet wrap which is a cost effective and an efficient way to protect your palletised goods. We supply two different widths in various thicknesses for any of your requirements (size 400mm and 500mm, thickness ranging from 15mu to 34mu). We also supply a black pallet wrap in 500mm with a thickness of 25mu. We stock a number of dispensers such as:
    • Standard metal dispenser - adjusts for 400mm or 500mm
    • Heavy duty metal dispenser - adjusts for 400mm or 500mm
    • Plastic hand grip dispenser - lightweight cheaper alternative to the metal dispensers
    Our power pre-stretch - high performance machine film can supply 500mm size wrap ranging from 17mu to 30mu. If you have any small products that need wrapping we stock mini roll stretch film, great for small batches and collating your small items.
  2. Stretch Wrap Turntables

    Stretch Wrap Turntables

    Speed up palletising your products with one of our cost effective and easy to use Stretch Wrap tunrtables.

    Test have proven that significant sums can be saved by switching to one of these