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Bubble Automation Ltd have a team of fully qualified and experienced SCADA engineers who have the solutions to any design programming and integration needs you may have.

The Bubble SCADA engineers are dedicated to providing you with an in-depth service when programming your SCADA systems and from design through to commission, the service they provide will be completely unique and uninterrupted.

Just some of the areas the SCADA engineers specialise in include:

  • Faster communications
  • Faster screen updates
  • Data integrity
  • Absolute reliability
  • User friendly front ends with superior graphics

S7 PLC Programmers

Bubble Automation Ltd specialise in S7 PLC Programmers and other models including:

  • Schneider Telemecanique Twido Programmers
  • Schneider Modicon TSX Micro Programmers
  • Schnneider Telemecanique Megalis Programmers

With the S7 PLC Programmers Bubble Automation offer a consultancy service and a full investigation to determine which particular services you will require.

S7 PLC Programmers

Control System Automation Integrators

Bubble Automation is a specialist Control System Automation Integrators.

As well as extensive experience as Control System Automation Integrators, Bubble automation can also assist in various other areas if:

  • Your new control system needs PLC/SCADA software developed
  • You need to upgrade your outdated PLC/SCADA hardware
  • Your existing equipment requires software modifications
  • Your system is not totally reliable
  • You have special purpose machines that require fault diagnostics
  • You have in house software engineers that are currently over stretched
Control System Automation Integrators

PLC and SCADA Developers

Bubble Automation has a qualified team of PLC and SCADA developers who can provide solutions for your software issues.

If you need to upgrade, or if your PLC or SCADA hardware is in need of maintenance then Bubble Automation's PLC and SCADA developers can provide a professional consultancy in areas including fault diagnostics and software modifications.

From the slightest issue to full turnkey control system solutions, contact Bubble Automation for all of you PLC or SCADA requirements.

PLC and SCADA Developers

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