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Hose Inspection and Hose Testing

Management System for Hose Assemblies
At Buckley Industrial we don't just test hoses, we manage the life of each individual hose assembly, from the day it is issued to the day it is retired. Each hose assembly is allocated a unique serial number, which allows us to track it throughout its life, enabling efficient recall for inspection and testing. This management system ensures that hose assemblies are not recalled unnecessarily, neither are they left in use for longer than the specified time.

Hydrostatic Testing Facilities
Buckley Industrial has developed one of the most advanced pressure testing facilities available. Our custom built test rigs with highly sensitive computer aided tracking equipment give us the ability to detect even the smallest leaks and defects in flexible hose assemblies.

The Testing Procedure

Visual Inspection
The visual inspection allows us to pick up any mechanical damage, corrosive damage or wear and tear that may have occurred during installation, use or even during storage.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
If an assembly passes this initial test, it is then pressure tested to its test pressure using water. De-mineralised water is used for stainless steel hoses to meet the full ISO 10380 specification. Buckley Industrial can test up to pressures of 30,000 psi (2,070 Bar).

 Vacuum Testing

A further service offered is Vacuum Testing. Our recently upgraded rig can test hose assemblies to a total vacuum state (-29.92 inches of Mercury). This image shows an assembly being tested to destruction.


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