Burcas Ltd


Burcas Limited, founded in 1941, are an independent precision engineering company with AS EN 9100 the Aerospace quality approval and are situated close to major motorways in the West Midlands.

Burcas have an extensive range of CNC equipment, manufacturing components for the Automotive, Aerospace and Railway Industries.

Burcas also manufacture a complete range of Paper Cutting Knives, for printers, paper converters and paper mills, manufactured in a range of materials from basic steel to powerded steel and tungsten carbide.

Burcas Milling Cutters are used throughout the World to produce bandsaw and hacksaw blades, the ALDRIDGE range of cutters are available in a variety of high speed steels.

Inventory Management Systems provided by Burcas which include KANBAN stocking, are also available on our web portal, known customers can login and view stock and stock movement, this shows where there are peaks for high usage.

Products and Services include the following:

  • Precision Engineered Products
  • Aerospace Components, including engine parts
  • Sub-contract machining services
  • CNC sub-contract turning
  • CNC sub-contract milling
  • CNC sub-contract grinding
  • Manufacture of Knives and Guillotines for the Paper & Printing Industry
  • Slitting and Trimming Knives
  • Paper Cutting Tools
  • Cutting Tools for the production of Bandsaws and Hacksaws
  • Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools
  • Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts
  • Tungsten Carbide inserted tooling
  • Tungsten Carbide Rod and Tube
  • Precision Prototype components for the Automotive industry
  • Inventory management using the KANBAN principle of push-pull

Visit the Burcas website for all the latest news and services at www.burcasonline.com


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