Burdens Ltd.


Burdens Environmental offer products for the life cycle of the built environment. From aiding with the design and the supply of construction materials to the maintenance and energy efficiency of the buildings. The core Burdens business is a supplier of Civils and Infrastructure materials supplied through over 45 branches in the U.K. www.burdens.co.uk

Burdens Environmental host a wide range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products in the following categories:

· Environmental Building Systems (such as Timber, Steel Frame, Thermoplan Blocks)
· Environmental Services (such as heating systems, Biomass, Ground Source Heat)
· Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (Attenuation, Soakaways, Flow Control)
· Green Roofs
· Consumables (Bacterial Cleaning Products, Energy Saving Lamps)
· Power Generation (such as Wind, Hydro)
· Commercial Waste Water Treatment (such as effluent monitoring systems)
· Transport solutions (through a nationwide distribution network and Trams)

For further information on our product range please visit our web site.

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