Think unique packaging. Think of an innovative way to surprise and delight your customers. And then think Burgopak.

Inspired by one man's fascination with origami and pop-up books, Burgopak's patented sliding tray design is already being applied to a vast array of product applications including mobile phones, SIM cards, electronic devices, cosmetics, confectionary, pharmaceuticals, CDs and DVDs.

Customers are invariably intrigued then delighted at the way the packaging slides magically open, contrary to expectations.

It's a design system that not only displays and differentiates products, but - protected by a dozen international patents - protects them from? piracy.

Ultimately, Burgopak increases brand awareness and reinforces customer perceptions of quality and reliability.

And as a full service company, we provide assembly and international freight of all our packaging.

Burgopak was born out of the innovation of a brilliant idea. But its real genius lies in the imagination of those who make the magic work for them too.

And as a full service company, we provide print, assembly and international shipping of all our packaging.
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