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We are providers of a professional, leading and comprehensive range of water quality meters. Our main manufacturers of water quality meters are WTW GmbH, Driesen & Kern GmbH, and Star Oddi. For over 60 years, WTW GmbH has pioneered technology tailored for the water industry. Their expertise is widely acknowledged and their developments in electrochemistry have set the industry benchmark.

In addition to WTW, we supply and support environmental logging equipment from Driesen & Kern GmbH and oceanographic CTD loggers from Star Oddi in Iceland.

Field Instrumentation

We are market leading, dedicated and experienced providers of compact, reliable and accurate field instrumentation. We provide a comprehensive range of measurement solutions for your application. The criteria used to decide on the correct field instrumentation for meeting your requirements includes reliability, ease of use, accuracy as well as cost.

  • ProfiLine range - the new ProfiLine series includes three new families: 3110 Series, 3210 Series, and 3310 Series – all are rugged and waterproof with IP 66/67 rated performance
  • ProfiLine 197i series - the ‘4x4’ of field meters, the ProfiLine 197i is both waterproof (IP 66) and submersible (IP 67)
  • pHotoFlex series - this handheld, waterproof photometer is a breakthrough in accurate and instant field measurements, particularly of unstable nutrients such as ammonium and nitrate

Laboratory and Site Instrumentation

Our range of laboratory and site instrumentation products covers most analytical requirements from routine tests on site, to high resolution research and quality control.

These laboratory and site instrumentation products are comprised of a combination of meters (single or multiparameter). There is a choice of user-interchangeable sensors to provide maximum flexibility for a variety of applications.

Excellent GLP (good laboratory practice) documentation is built in on most models with RS232 or analogue (mA/mV) communications and optional built in thermal printers. Battery or mains power: meters can be wall mounted to save bench space.

On-line Instrumentation

We are specialist providers of on-line instrumentation. We define on-line water quality instrumentation as statically installed, mains powered, industrial monitoring systems, usually linked to process controls or alarm systems via hard wired analogue (mA/ mV) output, RS 232/434/USB/profibus, radio, GSM, blue tooth, or satellite communications.

On-line instrumentations:

  • Monitors
  • Sensors
  • Data loggers
  • Analyzers
  • Samplers
  • Measuring stations

Standalone Instrumentation

We are providers of a multitude of options for standalone instrumentation products. Our range of standalone instrumentation products are complete, high capacity logging systems including built-in sensors and usually without direct screen readout. Sometimes with analogue (mA/ mV) / digital output to trigger alarms, and GSM messages.

Standalone instrumentation:

  • Sensors
  • Data loggers
  • Samplers
  • Measuring stations

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