Business Finance


If you’re looking for business finance then look no further, our expertise extends to all areas of commercial lending. We know where to find the right deals and how to present your particular financial circumstances into the best possible proposition to obtain the funds that will help your business to grow, even with a poor credit history.


Whether you are looking to purchase or start a new business, purchase or refinance business premises, buy out a partner, refurbishment or expand your premises we will work tirelessly to source  a commercial finance deal which is specifically designed for your businesses. 

We have no ties to specific lenders, allowing us to source the best deal for your business from a range of sectors, including alternative types of funding such as Invoice Finance and  Crowdfunded Loans and truly value our relationship with our customers.

Business loans available for a wide range of purposes

For any business purpose including

  • Business expansion
  • Working capital
  • Property finance – for land finance or 100% of build costs if land already owned.
  • Asset finance – to purchase new or re-finance an existing asset
  • Bridging loans (usually for periods of 1 – 18 months).
  • Refurbishments
  • Debt consolidation

Secured loans

  • For start-up companies with no accounts or track record
  • For companies with adverse credit history or having problems getting ahead
  • For those with low or poor credit ratings
  • Well, don’t despair if you are a property owner with sufficient equity we can HELP

A difficult case history (Secured loan)

Business Loans offered us a lifeline after recessionary cash flow difficulties and serious illness forced us to liquidate our business and look for urgent help.

After many rejections from banks and loan companies, Business Loans quickly found us just the right financial solution which allowed us to re-finance and put our business and personal matters instantly back on track and safe from losing everything. “An excellent company with a real human touch, we cannot recommend them more highly”

Mr and Mrs B Scotland

A difficult case history (Secured loan)

Unsecured Loans

We have access to an innovative provider for unsecured business loans for almost any business.  Loans up to 250,000, interest rates from 6% with an average of 8.9 AER with NO Early Redemption Penalties.  Quick and simple service whereby loans can be used for almost any business purpose in any industry sector.

  • Training new staff
  • Marketing costs
  • Buying stock or new equipment
  • Research and design
  • Moving premises
  • Working capital
  • Expansion and growth
  • Asset purchase
  • Debt consolidation
  • Refurbishments

A straightforward case history (Unsecured loan)

A Company Director with no debt, no loans/overdraft etc, required an unsecured loan to purchase a product he would be able to sell at a good profit after allowing for the interest on the loan.

Offer was given on a requested amount for £200,000 over 18 months at 8%.  Company had upward trend turnover and accounts and had been trading more than 2 years.

This is an example of a very easy loan, where the company had an exemplary credit record, 2 years trading, with upward trend turnover and profit. This was an unsecured loan with a personal guarantee.

A straightforward case history (Unsecured loan)

Asset Finance

Loans to purchase a new asset or re-finance an existing one.

Property Finance

Flexible funding for property developers, who have typically purchased the land, but need up to 100% of the construction costs.

Equipment Finance

Specialist finance available at competitive rates for existing companies

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