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Business Gas.Com Project Management is one of the UK’s Leading independent provider of Gas Siteworks solutions for the Industrial and Commercial markets nationwide. You are not committed to take your gas supply from one set Gas supplier, you have a choice to get the best rates.

We work with many of the UK’s Gas Suppliers as well as directly for end consumer groups, energy buyers, Consultants and contractors to provide fast, effective Customer focused solutions to create exceptional Customer experiences.

Gas Installation

We are positioned right at the heart of the gas industry allowing us to liaise with everyone from the end consumer to on-site engineers to provide an end-to-end service for all siteworks projects. We can coordinate and plan a complete project involving procurement, gas mains, services, smart gas meters, meter housings, concrete bases, meter enhancements and any other requirements you may have.

Business Gas Prices

  • If you are looking for a quote now and you cannot wait, we cannot help you.
  • We can give you a matrix price, but we will not offer you this service, because we can offer you better rates.
  • When we receive your details we will go to the Market and find the best rates on the market that day.
  • To get the best rates please allow up to 48 Hours, Don’t rush to get a quote.
  • If you get an Instant quotation, It is more expensive.

Energy Suppliers

Flexible gas purchasing gives you the options to buy over a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, rather than being stuck with buying 1 time every 1, 2 or 3 years. As part of a larger nationwide buying group, we have access to wholesales prices with the largest traders in gas and electricity in the UK market.

Flexible Electricity Purchasing allows your Business full control of when you buy your electricity. This means you can spread your rates by giving you a number of options throughout the year.
This service is fully supported by the wholesale electricity market and gives you the latest electricity market news on a daily basis if required.

Gas Management Services

Gas managment is a series of investigations into Business Gas usage and its findings. With regards to Multi sites businesses the survey will only be fully conclusive once all the other premises have been surveyed.

Using the knowledge, we provide innovative solutions that will help you increase efficiency, reduce Gas consumption and costs. We do this through the development of value-adding strategic partnerships with customers of all sizes in the private and public sectors

Online Gas Reporting

  • High-quality online energy reporting
  • Business Gas has an advanced web-based energy reporting service which gives you access to all the half hourly utility data collection.
  • It gives you a detailed picture of exactly how much Gas and Electricity you are using - as well as where and when. And if the system identifies any areas of waste, it alerts you by email.
  • Opposite you can see how to monitor your usage.

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