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At BLS, we provide quality translation language services in almost every language including language and cultural training, typesetting services, proofreading, voiceovers and foreign telemarketing.

Based in Cardiff, we specialise in Welsh translation hosting an extensive database of Welsh interpreters selected according to their expertise, friendly, reliable and professional manner. With over 15 years experience, we work with all subjects and formats providing some of the best Welsh language tutors to offer you tailor-made Welsh translation courses.

French Translation

In addition to our Welsh translation services, we also specialise in French translation ensuring our translators meet the strict code of conduct of high quality regulation and confidentiality. Both French translators and interpreters are all highly experienced and selected according to their professional abilities and expertise.

We cover all subjects and formats in our French translation service including websites, legal contracts, IT, engineering and construction and marketing literature to name a few.

Our training courses speak for themselves when we were winner of the 2003 National Language Training Awards.

Language Services

Covering a multitude of languages across the world we can offer our clients many professional language services. Language services we include are as follows:

  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Language training
  • Localisation
  • Voiceover
  • Certification of translations
Language Services

Business Translation Services

At BLS, we understand your literature represents your company abroad so correct written communication is of high importance. Our business translation services incorporates translators who are highly qualified and experienced working within their specialist subject. Their work is constantly monitored, so we can assure you with confidence you will have the ideal professional for you requirements.

To enhance our business translation services further we ensure all translations are proofread by a second independent linguist and all assignments have an appointed project manager to confirm all your requirements are fully understood between your staff and our linguists.

Business Translation Services

Voiceovers and Subtitling Services

With a wealth of experience, we can offer excellent voiceovers and subtitling services for DVD, video and audio productions. We can cover every aspect of the process producing the multilingual files in any format required. We understand the importance of having the correct linguist for voiceovers and subtitling services. We have a network of experienced professionals for all major worldwide languages to cater for you specific requirements.

At BLS, we also provide dubbing and subtitling services for promotional videos and DVDs in most languages and offer a full video and DVD production and replication service.

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