Butser Rubber Ltd (Rubber Moulders)


At Butser Rubber, we have over three decades of experience in the rubber moulding industry and have the expertise to manufacture high quality custom rubber mouldings, and precision gaskets to several industries including the automotive, aerospace, defence and oil industries.

From one off requirements to high volume production runs, we pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with:

  • 100% on-time-delivery to acknowledged date
  • 100% product quality
  • Rapid response to quotations
  • Quick reaction to urgent orders
  • Dependable products and customer support
  • Excellent product knowledge
  • The latest rubber materials and technologies.
  • Cost effective rubber and gasket solutions

Custom Rubber Mouldings

Having invested heavily in state of the art Injection moulding machines and rubber moulding technology including 'Vacuum compression moulding', we are driven towards zero defect manufacture and currently have a rubber moulding production rate of over 4800 different lines.

We mould components in a very diverse range of rubbers and silicones including fluorocarbon and fluorosilicone and are able to mould rubber items from 0.1 grams to 10kg using single or multi cavity tooling depending on the requirements of the job.

Custom rubber mouldings will be constructed to customers' exact requirements.

Custom Rubber Mouldings

Gasket Cutters

We offer a quick gasket cutter service for numerous gaskets, from pressed, moulded, stamped and fabricated gaskets to laser cut and water cut gaskets.

Precision gaskets and silicone rubber gaskets are also available, and as specialist gasket cutters we can also supply and manufacture many other custom gaskets in a spectrum of materials and in low or high volumes using many machines.

Gasket Cutters

Rubber Straps

As a specialist manufacturer of custom and standard rubber straps, we offer a wide range of colours, materials and designs for every rubber strap application.

Bespoke rubber straps can be manufactured to your exact application specifications with or without loops, buckles or metal hooks.

We currently supply off the shelf straps ranging from 4 inch to 12 inch as well as supplying straps directly to Automotive OEMs in the 10,000s!

Our standard rubber straps are in Natural Rubber 60 Shore. But we can make EPDM Straps, Nitrile Straps and Low Burn Automotive straps.

Rubber Straps

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Ideal for projects such as suspension bushes, anti vibration mounts or bonded rollers, we can offer an excellent rubber to metal bonding service.

At Butser Rubber we have the technical abilities to use either hot or cold bonding processes, helping you achieve the best possible bond for a one off product or for massed produced components.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Silicone Sponge

We are suppliers of many high quality silicone components including silicone sheeting, silicone cord and strips and lengths of silicone sponge in four standard grades.

Most sheeting and extrusion comes with skinned faces (smooth finish) and a closed cell texture.

Silicone Sponge

Silicone Extrusion

We offer a large range of extruded silicone sections as renowned manufacturers of silicone extrusion. With relevant environmental and end use application information, we can supply silicone profiles, sections and extrusion with suitable material hardness and colourings for your requirements.

We have silicone materials that enable us to manufacture:

  • Flame - Retardant silicone extrusion
  • Food - Grade silicone extrusion
  • High / Low temperature grades of silicone extrusion
Silicone Extrusion

Silicone Mouldings

Investment in new computer controlled vacuum chamber presses has enabled us to manufacture highly complex silicone mouldings. We are capable of mass producing custom silicone mouldings as well as manufacturing bespoke 'one-off' silicone mouldings. 

Our new injection moulding machine arriving in March 2018 will enable us to further automate the rubber moulding process.

We can meet industry standards for Silicone material including WRAS silicone mouldings and FDA rubber mouldings in our services.

Silicone Mouldings
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