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We sell literally 1000s of products suitable for the car and commercial workshop.  We have been in business since 1971 which means a lot in this day and age!

We always pride ourselves in offering low prices on top quality products and giving our best in terms of customer service.

Here are just some of the product ranges we offer...

Forecourt and Showroom Display Products

From personalised printed products such as pavement signs and banners we can provide anything to make your forecourt or showroom stand out from the rest.  This range includes flags, bunting, car pricing products, forecourt signage plus much more...

Forecourt and Showroom Display Products

Garage Equipment

Our range of workshop equipment is vast.  We sell garage equipment of all shapes and sizes including lifts, compressors, mot bays, wheel alignment, lifts, exhaust extraction plus much more.  We not only sell garage equipment but also install, service and repair it.  See the relevant links below...

Garage Equipment (New)
Garage Equipment Service and Repairs

Garage Equipment

Garage Equipment Spares

Garage Equipment Spares are available for most Workshop Equipment manufacturers including...

Boston, Bradbury, Cascos, Consol, Hofmann, Kismet, Laycock, MAHA, Nussbaum, OMA, Ravaglioli, Silent Tech, Souriau, Stenhoj, Sun, Tecalemit & Werther.

If we don't have the particular part on stock we will do our best to source it quickly for you.  We can also fit the parts if required.

Garage Equipment Spares

Hand Tools and Garage Tools

From power tools to hand tools we can supply the lot.  Our range of tools is vast which is why we have a separate catalogue containing over 6000 products!

Hand Tools and Garage Tools

SoS Battery Booster Backs Jump Starters

Battery Booster Packs, Professional Jump Starters made by Ceteor SOS Boosters and Propulstation

We now distribute a range of professional battery booster packs or as sometimes know car
jump starters. Ceteor make 2 ranges of professional booster packs. SOS and Propulstation. Ceteor claim that they are the most powerful battery booster packs in the world.

Battery boosters should be carried in every vehicle, whether car, van, bus or lorry. They solve the problem of an unexpectedly flat battery and enable the vehicle to be restarted without the need for jump starting (which can damage the delicate electronic components of the modern car). Our range of battery booster packs are used by Roadside Recovery Operators all over the world. They are a professional jump starter which can start cars, bikes, right through to planes, helicopters and battle tanks and boats!

The Car Jump Starter CLAMPS
The negative clamp on most of the boosters benefit from a bright led light so you can easily see what you are doing under the bonnet. Added to this is the bonus of having curved clamps that allow easy access into tight spaces. Our clamps boast Copper wide opening jaws that allow the battery booster pack to work at its best. Copper conducts current much more effectively than other cheaper materials. Also power is fed not only to one side of the boosters clamps but to both jaws via a separate heavy duty connector. This also means that no current goes through the clamp spring. Over time other boosters clamps get weak due to the spring getting hot and cold. Both of our clamps are completed insulated.

The Jump Starter Cables
Ceteor booster packs also boast double insulated battery booster cables. This means that unlike most cheaper jump starters our cables do not kink or twist or tangle. Our cables will operate in temperatures that range from minus 30 degrees to plus 90 degrees C, and are highly resistant to intensive use. Many booster pack manufacturers are supplying shorter and shorter cables to save money. Our unit has sufficient length so that the booster pack can sit on the floor whilst starting the vehicle. If the booster pack has to sit on the engine as the cables are too short you can imagine what can happen if it falls or moves.

The Professional Battery Booster Packs Casing
Most boosters packs are a two piece case that by definition have to be screwed or bolted together. If this type of booster pack is then dropped, often it will break at those points. The SOS booster packs and propulstation have got around this problem by using a one piece, 5mm thick lightweight yet strong plastic case. This carries a life time guarantee! It also means that you can gain easy access through a back panel allowing you to easily swap components. The two piece system on other boosters often means when you try and replace parts that as you open them parts are falling out as they cannot be easily secured. Many two piece battery booster pack casings are very tight for space and make it difficult to carry out service or repairs. Our boosters are built to last!

Heavy Duty AGM Batteries found in the Booster packs
Our units are manufactured in Europe and the batteries are top quality AGM batteries made in the USA and can be stored in any position. They give high performance when starting vehicles. An average lifetime of the battery in our booster packs is between 3 and 5 years. This is if the jump starter is used correctly and if it is charged correctly.

Professional Battery Jump Starters Volt Meter
Again as a cost cutting exercise many manufacturers are supplying their battery booster packs with a series on red, green and yellow led lights to show if the booster packs are charged or need charging. We go one step further. We offer a professional illuminated volt meter which tells you exactly what current is in the batteries. Also it acts as a battery tester. Once the booster is attached to the vehicle you can press the volt meter to see if the vehicle's alternator is giving out the correct voltage. This is invaluable when trying to diagnose the problem on the car or van. If for example the alternator is over charging the cars battery then you have not only started the vehicle but also identified that the alternator needs to be changed also.

Charging unit for the professional range of battery booster packs
We used the world renown range of battery chargers made by CTEK. They are a electronic battery charger and are fully automatic. This means that once you have put the booster pack on charge it will charge the battery until it is full. Then will switch off avoiding damage to the battery due to over charging and keeps the battery in perfect condition. Once of the main reasons for premature failure of the battery boosters batteries is incorrect charging. If the batteries are allowed to run flat for a long period of time all batteries will lose power and fail due to the acid eating away at the plates found inside a battery. If charged correctly you can expect many years from your battery booster pack.

All our battery booster packs come with a serial bar code which will give us complete traceability of the booster and its components. The bar code is on the outside of the booster and on the inside too. Meaning when spare parts are required we know exactly what you need. We carry a full range of spare parts here in Bawtry from batteries to clamps, fuses etc.

We offer two types of battery booster packs made by Ceteor.
SOS Boosters

Both models boast all of the above features. However the propulstation goes further still.

The propulstation is a new concept in the world of Battery Booster Packs. The concept behind it is that once the unit is stored in its docking station - It is charged. Given what we have already talked about if the units are not charged, this makes perfect sense.

The advantages are obvious...

1. The unit will last longer as the battery booster pack is always charged at optimum levels meaning you should get nearer 5 years out of the battery.
2. You can spend £1000 on a booster pack but if it is flat when you need it the most - its useless. The propulstation is always charged and always found in its place.
3. If you are in a busy workshop your colleagues may not have put the unit back on charge, or even lost the charger. The propulstation is always in its place.

There are units that do 12 Volt, 24 volt or 12 and 24 volt.
There are also two versions of the propul station docking station. You can either have a station that will be mounted in the workshop (AC/DC) (charging at 230v) or one that will be mounted in a vehicle (DC/DC)(12 or 24 volt)

The Heavy Duty Professional Propulstation is suitable for bus operators, recovery services, garages, second hand car dealers, large car park operators, car auctions etc..

SoS Battery Booster Backs Jump Starters
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