BuyaBattery are an approved distributor for some of the world’s largest and most reputable battery brands. This means we stock a comprehensive range of power solutions for all kinds of applications. Whether you need professional batteries for high-drain devices or competitively-priced consumer batteries for your everyday gadgets, we can provide you with exactly what you are after.

Bulk Batteries

We have a range of bulk batteries in AA, AAA, C & D 9V types. Please view our wholesale quantity section of our web site for Bulk Buy options. We have huge experience in the drycell battery market, with many retailers, e-tailers and web based companies buying from us.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you need any help choosing the right rechargeable batteries then please call us for helpful and friendly advice.

Battery Chargers

Once you've invested in rechargeable batteries to power your devices, it’s time to select a suitable battery charger. At BuyaBattery, we have a comprehensive collection of rechargeable battery chargers for you to choose from.

Battery Accessories

Here at BuyaBattery we have everything you need to keep your batteries organised and fully charged. We supply battery testers for testing the capacity of most popular battery sizes, while our battery storage boxes are great for ensuring all your batteries are kept in one safe place. We also stock a great assortment of USB chargers, mains adaptors and universal power supplies to charge specialist devices, provide different voltage options and supply the right level of power required for a range of applications.

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