BV Fasteners LTD


Here at BV Fasteners we supply both standard and bespoke fasteners to meet your requirements. Whether you need:

  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Bolts & Set Screws
  • Socket Screws
  • Rivets & Eyelets
  • Pins

Or any other kind of fastening, we can help.


We supply a range of top quality screws perfect for professionals and suitable for a variety of needs. Our product range includes:

  • Woodscrews/Chipboard Screws
  • Machine Screws
  • Self-tapping Screws


At BV Fasteners Ltd we stock a wide range of nuts as a type of fastener which can be used in conjunction with other parts. Nuts can be used in construction, mechanics, technology and much more. Our product range includes:

  • Full Nuts
  • Lock Nuts
  • Dome Nuts
  • Wing Nuts
  • Self-locking Nuts

Bolts/Set Screws

Bolts & Set Screws can be used for securing an object against another or on a hard surface. These can be supplied in a variety of finishes such as brass and stainless steel. Our product range includes:

  • Hexagon Head Bolts
  • Hexagon Head Setscrews
  • Cup Square Head Screws
Bolts/Set Screws


Washers are simply a small piece of metal with a circle cut through the centre. Washers are used for a number of different reasons; to reduce vibration, to distribute the load of a fastener and also as a spacer. The washers we supply include:

  • Plain Washers
  • Spring Washers
  • Lock Washers

Socket Screws

Socket screws are a variation of standard screws but they have a narrower head which makes them perfect for places that are difficult to reach. They are useful in areas that involve machine maintenance such as repair.

Our product range includes the following:

  • Socket Countersunk Head
  • Socket Button Head
  • Socket Cap Head
  • Socket Set Screws
Socket Screws

Rivets & Eyelets

Rivets and Eyelets are permanent fasteners used in industries such as aerospace, construction, jewellery and woodwork. All of our rivets & eyelets are produced in a range of finishes and can be packed specifically to suit your needs. The product range includes:

  • Solid
  • Blind
  • Eyelets
Rivets & Eyelets


At BV Fasteners, we produce a range of pins that come in different shapes and sizes so you are guaranteed to suit any need you may have. Our pins are available in Brass, Steel and Stainless Steel. 

Our Pins product range:

  • Spring Tension
  • Split Cotter
  • Solid Dowel
  • Clevis & R Clips
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