Since 1989, we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing industrial and commercial panel PCs and computer products for OEMs and systems integrators. We are recognised as an important supplier of components, sub-assemblies and OEM products to a broad customer base in many different industries. We specialise in areas including low power mobile systems, panel PCs and Mini-ITX boards and systems.  

Industrial PC

At BVM we were established in 1989 to design, manufacture and distribute industrial and commercial computer components as well as products for both OEM’s and computer systems integrators. We provide high-performance and embedded computer systems such as touchscreen displays and panel PC, which are engineered for demanding and difficult environments. Our expert team works with top companies and end-users around the country in industries such as onboard train displays, military and aerospace applications, industrial automation and other environments and applications where computer's will fact a rugged and demanding environment and withstand both the test of time and the toughest of elements.

Panel P.C

From train displays to industrial environments, panel PC’s are available for many different applications. We can work with you to advise you on the right type of panel P.C for your project. Working in partnership, we recommend and provide the right operating system for your requirements.  Whether you need WES7, a tailored version of Windows 10 IoT or older versions such as Windows 7, 8 or 10, we can provide the right software solution for your Panel P.C. Our family of  panel P.C products offer end users scalable and cost effective solutions in a range of specifications, applications and performance classes. They can support various display sizes and all-in-one designs feature optimized designs along with a compact form factor and industrial grade specification. 


The Mini-ITX form factor has been an industry standard since it was introduced in 2002. The Mini-ITX winning combination of a small form factor and high specification was an innovative change for the industrial PC industry. As a result, the form factor has been widely adopted in applications which require small footprint systems as well as off-the-shelf platforms for bringing new ideas to embedded applications. Mini-ITX systems and boards feature a variety of processors which can be combined with rich multimedia, connectivity and I/O features provide all the functionality and performance which you require, even in highly demanding embedded systems design applications. Mini-ITX support boards which support extended temperatures enabling a wider variety of applications.

Embedded PC

Embedded PC computers are used around the world in a variety of applications. As technology has matured, the size of computer's has reduced dramatically. Embedded computer's may also be called Box, Gateway or Controller PC’s. An embedded PC is a specialised computer system which is implemented as part of a larger system or device, or in the installation of an intelligent system. Embedded PC’s come in a wide variety of form factors and sizes, from all-in-one solutions through to smaller computer's embedded in Internet of Things devices. They enable there to be instantaneous and always on connections between machines, people and things in the cloud.

Custom Design and Manufacturer of Embedded P.CS

We believe that for you to get the right panel PC or embedded PC you need the custom design and manufacture of embedded PCS. We are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC’s thanks to our design capabilities, manufacturing processes and facility and unrivalled support and aftercare. Embedded computer's can be easily integrated into existing devices or serve as a hub in a new system. Finding the right embedded computer for you requires a deep understanding of your needs for our services in custom design and manufacture of embedded P.C’s, what applications will it be used for and what environment will it be used in? There is not a one size fit all. But with a comprehensive range of innovative off-the-shelf and custom solutions, we will always endeavour to find the right custom designed embedded PC to meet your needs.

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