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We have developed a range of wash water recycling systems to stem the demand for high quality recycling systems.

Our superior wash waster recycling units are designed to expertly reduce water costs and protect the environment.

Whether your interest lay in an environmental and ethical investment or for financial reasons, we can supply you with a wash water recycling system suited to your specific requirements.  

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain water falls onto the earth free of charge and mostly gathers in roofs and hard standing areas. It is then directed straight into drainage systems.

Our rainwater harvesting offers exciting potential for saving and tapping into this inexhaustible water supply. By rainwater harvesting it is possible to make exceptional cost savings and make a large reduction on our reliance on drainage systems.

Reserve Osmosis

A majority of industry sectors are investing in demineralising water treatments through reserve osmosis. This process membrane technology is employed to remove minerals from the feed water and creating an incredibly, high quality permeate.

Reserve osmosis can be offered for turnkey water purification systems complete with pre-treatment equipment and water storage.

We provide an extensive range of reserve osmosis systems capable of suiting any requirement. 

Settlement Tanks

We provide a selection of settlement tanks available in a variety of capacities and can be installed above or below ground.

Our settlement tanks are manufactured in stainless steel or GRP to provide optimum durability.

We can install our settlement tanks ourselves or supply you with detailed installation instructions.

GRP Plantroom

We supply GRP plantroom units in a range of colours and are ideal for housing you water treatment plant. They are manufactured in a single layer of GRP composite and are completely fire retardant.

Our GRP plantroom units need no planning permission before instalment and are easily relocated and can be supplied in a variety of options.

Forecourt Jetwash

Our forecourt jetwash combines advanced technology for ultimate reliability and internal layout easy to maintain and access. It is a stylish designed eco forecourt jetwash and offers flexibility.

It can be programmed to offer multi-cycle options and will perform even in the toughest of cleaning regimes.

Wash pad recycling system

We are proud of our reputation as a first rate maintainer of wash water treatment systems. Since 1999 our engineers have maintained our own, and many third party systems throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with a very high level of service and expertise.

Golf Course Management

We offer many levels of maintenance contract to suit individual site requirements and we are always happy to advise accordingly.

Commercial Water Treatment

ByWater Services are a company specialising in commercial water treatment systems, wash water reclamation systems and other related equipment including design, installation and maintenance.

Biological Treatment Plant

Biological water treatmentMother natures way of treating water. For millions of years natural biological processes have cleaned the worlds water. ByWater Services have now harnessed this process to enable the natural cleaning of industrial effluent


Jet Wash Machine

From high pressure and detergent systems for MOT preparation to low pressure high volume systems for removal of mud and dust – ByWater are able to provide a cost effective solution

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