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We provide comprehensive and professional electrical and instrumentation services. We are an award-winning electrical and instrumentation engineering company with a reputation of minimising risk through professional, versatile, high-quality E and I contracting services.

We offer a range of electrical contracting services including:

  • Instrumentation and control
  • Electrical contracting
  • Hazardous area installation
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Calibration and repair
  • Control panel building

For all electrical and instrumentation services, we are your one source.

Hazardous Area Inspections

We specialise in hazardous area inspections. For hazardous area inspections, we have highly trained and experienced 'CompEx' certified engineers, technicians and electricians. Our team have specialised expertise in 'Hazardous Area' electrical installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of installations, employing types of protection such as ‘d’, ‘e’, ’n’ and ’i’ as defined by BS EN 60079.

We offer our customers well-managed inspection programs ensuring equipment installed in hazardous areas is correctly specified and has no apparent defects rendering the equipment unsafe for continued use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Hazardous Area Inspections

Instrumentation and Control

We provide instrumentation and control services. We are specialists in specifying, procuring, calibrating, installing, piping, loop checking, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial process control applications, ensuring that your plant operates safely.

Our instrumentation and control services include:

  • Instrument Design, Installation Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Hazardous Area Instrument Installation, Maintenance and Inspection
  • Process and Pneumatic Pipe Fitting (impulse lines, air headers, control valves, analysers etc)
  • Control Panel Design and Build
  • Instrument Enclosures
Instrumentation and Control

Process Instrument Calibration

We provide process instrument calibration. We understand the importance of calibration and offer bespoke on-site calibration services to ensure you receive the highest level of quality and accuracy. Instrument error can occur due to a variety of reasons such as drift, environment, electrical supply, addition of components to the loop or process changes.

Our specialist teams manage a wide range and variety of on-site calibration programs, ensuring instruments are calibrated and are traceable to the relevant standards.

For more information on our process instrument calibration services, visit our website.

Process Instrument Calibration

Test Instrument Calibration and Repair

We provide test instrument calibration repair services. Our test instrument calibration and repair services are either carried out in our own calibration laboratory or at our customers’ sites.

All of our calibration is traceable to national standards via our UKAS certified working standards. We repair and refurbish most types of electrical and electronic devices, ranging from process and electrical measuring instruments to printed circuit boards and power supplies. We offer a complete electrical and mechanical fully managed calibration service and provide five to seven day laboratory turnaround times for scheduled items.

Test Instrument Calibration and Repair

Control Panel Design and Build

Our vast electrical and instrumentation services include control panel design and build services.

With our control panel design and build services, we provide control panel solutions built to last and meet a wide range of applications across a broad range of industries, From the hostile and often extreme environments in the steel, paper, chemical and oil sectors to the technology-led environments in the commercial sectors.

Control Panel Design and Build
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